Parent visa categories to resume next month in NZ

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Parent visa categories will resume next month in NZ
As announced today by New Zealand, skilled immigrants and their parents will again be eligible to seek residence.

Immigration Minister of New Zealand, Michael Wood announced some changes in immigration rules during a press release today. “As the world recovers from COVID-19, labour shortages continue to be a global symptom,” Michael Wood said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, no one has been invited to apply under the points-based method. The parent category also has not welcomed any new applicants since 2016. But now, the changes will allow skilled immigrants and their parents to once again apply for residence. 

According to Michael Wood, a new “simplified” system for skilled migrant visas with no numerical limit will make it more equitable and open. The Parent Category Visa will also be reinstated with lower income criteria and a higher ceiling, allowing parents of migrants to join them in New Zealand.

Many international students studying in New Zealand extend their stay after graduation by obtaining jobs. In the case of coursework leading to a degree at level 7 or higher, a post-study work visa allows the students to work for any firm in the country. This announcement is a relief for the international students who are already working in the country to curb the labour shortage in the country. 

What are the changes made to the ‘Parent Category.’

  1. An increase in number of Parent Resident Visas issued from 1,000 to 2,500 annually.
  2. Reducing the minimum income requirement for sponsors to 2 times the median wage for combined sponsors and 1.5 times the median wage for one sponsor supporting one parent.
  3. The income requirement rises by 0.5 times the median wage for each additional parent supported, up to 6 parents, for those supporting more than one parent.
  4. The last criterion for a single or joint sponsor was 2x the median wage. For both, it was 3x the median wage.
  5. Additionally, applications from siblings may have up to increased till 6 for parents listed as joint applicants, with the income requirement rising by 0.5 times the median parent earnings.

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