Diwali: The festival of lights at international universities transcends borders

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Diwali The festival of lights at international universities transcends borders
Indian students from various corners of the globe celebrate Diwali and created lifelong memories with native music, food, dance, and costumes.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Light, is celebrated in India and other parts of Southern Asia. It marks the beginning of the financial new year and the triumph of light over darkness.

The festival of lights is not just celebrated within the boundaries of India; it is also extensively enjoyed by many other nations and Indian citizens who live or study abroad. This year, the TUS Celebration was at its peak as about 160 Indian students are enrolled in various Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D.-level programs. They all enjoyed samosas and delicious treats prepared for the University’s celebration. 

The VP of International, Donnacha McNamara, outlined the type of relationship they had with their Indian partners and said, “TUS remained connected with our Indian partners during the pandemic and committed to opening our representative office during this challenging time with One Step Global, located at Gurugram, India”

Simran Sidhu, a second-year student at Brasenose College, expressed her delight on the university website stating her pleasure by saying that the celebration of Diwali was just one more example of how Brasenose has brought people together to recognize many cultures and festivals and create a more welcoming atmosphere at the College.

What matters most is that Diwali is celebrated with family and friends. Food, lighting, candles, and rangoli are not the only things involved. The best person to express how it feels to celebrate without close family members is a student who is away from home for the first time. According to University of Waterloo first-year student Anay Baid, as Diwali is typically celebrated with family, close acquaintances, and distant cousins, there is a sense of exclusion. “Diwali helped me find a family because there are so many Indians here celebrating the same festival,” he said.

Diwali Celebrations transcend national boundaries, after all, and serve as the ideal illustration of how diversity and unification can coexist.

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