Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University

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Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University

Lucknow University is all set to support students in 2021 through its exclusive work-on-campus scheme named Karmayogi. The university’s special Karmayogi scheme aims to facilitate skill development to make students more reliant and independent while pursuing their studies at the university. Students can participate in on-going activities and get a monetary allowance for their help. Here are all the details about the Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University.

Guidelines of Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University

Here are the guidelines for the Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University:

  • Earn while studying
  • Be an active part of all the on-going activities at the university
  • Provide work experience
  • Learn dignity of labour

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Activities Under the Scheme

Under the Karmayogi scheme candidates will be working under different university departments such as:

  • Laboratories – Instruct and handle equipment and machinery. Prepare labs before practical, prepare hand-outs, prepare a list of purchases and maintain laboratory records.
  • Library – Candidates working in libraries are going to manage cataloguing, replacement of books and journals on shelves, checking the conditions of all the books, ensuring the binding needs of books and checking the display of books.
  • Office – Students working in the office have to prepare records and analyse the data. Help administrators with file work and compilation of records.
  • Computer Center – These students will maintain the software needs on campus along with managing the university data systems.
  • Hostel/ Mess – Maintain records
  • Assistants to Teachers – This job is open only for PhD students. They will be helping the teachers with the maintenance of research paper and other related work.
  • Day Care Centers – Senior students can apply for this job. Activites can vary from case to case here.

Application Process

To apply for this scholarship, all the university students can fill the application form online and submit it. The application form will be available from time to time, depending upon the needs of a particular department. Selection will be made on the basis of a student’s profile and skills.

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Salary or Stipend Details for the Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University

To maintain the work-study balance, the university officials have issued certain guidelines for the Karmayogi scheme implementation:

  • Students are allowed to work for 2 hours in a day
  • The stipend will be calculated on an hourly basis – Rs. 150 per hour
  • Maximum amount given to a student should not exceed Rs. 15,000
  • A student can work only for 50 days in a semester

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This was all about the Karmayogi Scheme by Lucknow University. What a great initiative to motivate and guide students. What are your views on the same? Let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu for more such awesome content!

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