Study abroad: Average rent in Montreal is reducing in 2023, but the difference is negligible

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Study abroad: Average rent in Montreal is reducing in 2023, but the difference is negligible
The average housing rent in Montreal is decreasing in 2023. However, even though this might look good, it won’t be able to make a huge difference, reports stated.

After witnessing the peak rent in November at $1,555 (INR 94.9K), people of Montreal can now get one-bedroom unfurnished apartments within $1,524 (INR 93K), as per the recent reports by liv.rent. As the rents are decreasing. Indian and other international students who want to study abroad in Canada can pursue higher education while also saving money on accommodation costs

Downtown has the highest apartment rent in the city, where the same one-bedroom apartment would cost more than $1,750 (INR 1 Lakh) per month. This is undoubtedly a steep price even though the living cost of the city is lower than the citywide average of the country, which is more than $2,000 (INR 1.2 Lakh) per month. 

The more expensive apartments in Montreal are either two or three-bedroom flats or in the Plateau, where you need to pay more than $2,016 (INR 1.23 Lakh) per month to afford one. This will increase studying costs in Canada

There are also minor differences between furnished and non-furnished apartments. However, the differences in Montreal are much closer than in Toronto. The furnished apartments will cost not more than $80 (INR 4.8K) extra per month than the non-furnished apartments. However, this gap isn’t the same everywhere. For example, if you live and study in Toronto, the difference gap would be more than $300 (INR 18K), where the average cost of one bedroom apartment is more than $2,381 (INR 1.4 Lakh). 

Even though the raw rent averages aren’t enough to capture the housing marketing entirely, the tenants in Toronto have been facing a tough situation for a long time. Unlike the tenants in Montreal, people from Toronto are facing severe problems affording rent. If you want a cheap place to live and save money, consider choosing Hochalega-Maisonneuve where a one-bedroom apartment costs $1,231 (INR 75K). 

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