Canada to take measures to ensure the equity and protection of international students

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International students enrolling full-time in Atlantic Canada increased by 15.5%
IRCC has recently announced the measures that are taken or can be taken to the concerns mentioned in the CIMM report.

Canada is one of the leading countries to attract foreign students. And to keep on that track the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) suggested additional objectives that can be improved to provide advantage and support to international students

The three main objectives suggested by the CIMM were :

  • Attracting international students to study in Canada
  • Ensuring their equity in the International Student Program
  • Improving service and communication in the study permit and immigration processes for international students

IRCC addressed each objective individually and focused on the measure to be taken or already taken to aid these objectives. 

  • To keep on attracting international students, Canada is planning to explore the expansion of the Student Direct Stream to specific countries of Asia, Africa, France, and its Francophones. IRCC has already stated the additional solutions to cater to the objective of attracting international students focusing on various specific areas.

Source: CIC News

  • As far as ensuring the equity of international students is concerned, IRCC has planned to continue with the data collection method i.e the annual voluntary client experience survey to know more about the challenges faced by the clients based on their demographics. IRCC is developing Disaggregated Data and Analytics Framework (DDAF) which will provide filtered data to understand specific relationships and the impact of a certain policy or phenomena on people based on demographics. Examining the patterns and determinants of social well-being in immigration cohorts, and focusing on different racial groups. Reviewing the selection process and evaluating international students based on their potential and Improving client service and communication
  • Responding to the concern of improving client service and communication, IRCC highlights the recent hiring of 1,250 new processing staff to assist in processing capacity and publish monthly data on backlogs. Working with DLIs will provide data related to the enrolment and status of international students to IRCC for real-time processing. Planning to continue with initiatives like the 2022 pilot program which includes the notes of the immigration officer  along with the temporary resident visa (TRV) application to ensure transparency and understanding

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