The UK launches scaleup visa to encourage more talent into the country

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The UK launches scaleup visa to encourage more talent into the country

The UK has launched the “Scale-up visa” as part of the government’s post-Brexit immigration system revamp. The goal is to have “Free movement” between the UK and the EU, which previously ended with the Brexit on 31 December 2020.

The Brexit has significantly reduced the visa-free talent pool leading to digital skills shortage in the UK. The UK is hoping to increase the talent pool in the country with this move.

The “scaleup visa” will sponsor high-skill tech workers that will encourage more skill-based talents into the country to eliminate the digital skills gap. Existing businesses in the UK can apply to sponsor individuals who will have working roles in software development, engineering and science R&D.

However, these individuals need to meet certain criteria specified by the government. The visa will also provide a two year stay in the country and applicants can later apply for settlement.

“Rapidly growing businesses, like small enterprises, tech and financial services, need the right level of support to go to the next level,” said Minister for Safe and Legal Migration Kevin Foster.

“Through our Scale-up visa, we’re enabling businesses to focus on their growth and innovation by giving them more freedom to bring in the diverse skills and experience they need, making them more attractive on an international stage.”

Businesses will have to show an yearly growth of 20% over the last 3-year period in employment or turnover to qualify as a scaleup. Businesses should have at least 10 people employed at the beginning of this period.

Along with this, the applicants must make sure that they are working in one of the “eligible occupations” that is in the list created by the Home Office. The applicants must have a valid job offer from a sponsor who is paying a minimum of £33,000 per year for the skill role.

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