After UK, Indians outnumber Chinese in the US

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After UK, Indians outnumber Chinese in the US

Student outflow to foreign education has increased post-covid. Many students are currently applying for study visas and Indian students get more US visas than Chinese, as reported by US state Department.

Previously, The British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis told that Indian nationals were issued the largest number of UK study visas, overtaking Chinese nationals. There has been an 89% rise in student visa share for Indians in the UK. 

Similarly, there has been an increase in visa applications from India to the USA. According to the latest State Department data, Indian students got 77,799 F1 visas, compared to 46,145 for the Chinese from January to July 2022.

Usually, it’s the Chinese nationals who take the lead in US F1 visa numbers but this academic year post-covid, a higher number of US student visas have been issued to Indian nationals than to Chinese.

The population of Chinese students in the USA was 16,865 in 2021, still far higher than the number of Indian students. But this academic year, the share of Indian nationals in the international student body of the USA is expected to increase as Indians file more visa applications as compared to the Chinese students.

In the year 2020, the USA received a fewer number of international students, due to COVID restrictions. Just 4,853 student visas were issued to Chinese students while 21,908 Indians were given the US student visa. As the restrictions were lifted in 2021, the number if US student visas issued increased to more than double.

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