Is Online Master’s Degree Worth It or Not?

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Is online master's worth it?

Distance learning has become a quotidian routine of every student. The little screen of our laptops has become the source of our knowledge. While the concept of an online Master’s degree has already been gaining constant popularity, the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic dramatically accelerated its demand. As online learning is becoming a dominant approach in the education system, we should ask a question- Is an online master’s worth it? This blog collates the benefits and shortcomings of pursuing an online Master’s degree and will clear your doubts regarding whether it is worth your time or not!

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Types of Online Learning

Before we address the question- is an online master’s worth it, let’s look at the types of online learning available to us. When it comes to online master’s, there are 2 main approaches that can be taken. Learning can either be synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Some universities also opt for the hybrid of the two. Synchronous learning happens live and in real-time while asynchronous learning can be completed at the time of your choosing.
  • In synchronous online learning, students have to attend classes at a set time each week. Asynchronous learning means that the study material and lectures are uploaded at the respective online platforms where you can access them anytime.

Benefits of Online Master’s Learning

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There are many factors that need to be taken into account while deciding whether Online Masters is worth it for you or not? There are many advantages of online learning that makes it an attractive option. Following are a few of them:

Cost Effective

Cost-effectiveness is what makes online masters truly worth it. Pursuing a master’s degree online is definitely more affordable than the on-campus programs. In online learning, you are allowed access to all the study materials on learning platforms without any additional cost. Not to mention, you will also be spared the financial burden of travelling to study abroad, accommodations, visa, etc.

Feasible Accessibility

The only asset you need to pursue an online master’s degree would be your laptop and a stable internet connection. An online master’s allows you to choose your location to study and how and when you want to complete your tasks. You can study from the comfort of your homes or even postpone it as per your time availability , without disrupting other important situations.

Flexible Schedule

Another advantage of online Master’s is that you can study at your own pace. Nobody likes waking up early in the morning and going to study and we know that you would rather sit at your couch and attend classes with a hot cup of coffee in the winters or a nice cold beverage in summers! While traditional classes require you to be present in the class physically, you can attend online classes as per your convenience without sticking to a rigid schedule.

Although you should make sure that you are not procrastinating and missing deadlines because that would be counterproductive.

Professional Advancement

Online learning will provide you with an opportunity to obtain your Master’s degree while simultaneously earning a livelihood. Since you have the option to study at your own pace and time, you can use your spare time to pursue your career aspirations. This will also be very effective for your resume as it will reflect your ability to multitask and your determination towards committing to various priorities. These reasons should answer the question – is an online master’s worth it?

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Online Masters vs Full Time

The decision to study online or on-campus totally depends upon your own preferences. Only the student can truly decide if an online master’s is worth their time or not. The curricula for online and full-time Master’s programs are usually the same. Online learning cannot replace the social and practical aspects that come with the prospect of full-time university-based learning but that does not diminish the networking and collaboration opportunities that online learning has to offer. If you are a self-motivated person with good time-management skills, then you can definitely opt for online Masters programs without a doubt.

Career Prospects

After the main question – is an online master’s worth it? Next question every student must have in mind- whether an online masters degree will affect my career or not? You must be wondering if employers consider full-time degrees as more valuable. The answer is NO! 

The main criteria of offering a job is to look at whether the degree is pursued from a recognised and reputed institution. The value of the degree depends upon the accreditation of the university. It does not matter whether the mode or studying was online or physical, as long as you have pursued it from a well-known and prestigious institute because both the modes provide the same end result of an educational degree. One program is just as rewarding as the other and it mainly depends on your abilities and motivation towards your studies and career trajectory.

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Top Online Master’s Courses in India

University Courses Offered
Amity University Master of Arts(Journalism & Mass Communication)
Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Commerce(Financial Management)
Master of Computer Applications
Bharati Vidyapeeth Master of Business Administration
O.P. Jindal Global University MBA in Business Analytics
M.A. in International Relations, Security, and Strategy
M.A. in Public Policy
Guru Nanak Dev University Master of Business Administration(MBA)
MBA in HR Management
MBA in Marketing Management
Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
Master of Commerce (M.COM)
MBA in Financial Management
Master of Arts (MA) Punjabi
Chandigarh University Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Commerce
IGNOU M.A. in Translation Studies
Master of Arts (Hindi)
M.A. in Gandhi and Peace Studies
NMIMS (Distance Education) Master of Business Administration(MBA)

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Top Universities Offering Masters Online

University Courses Offered
University College London, UK MSc in Paediatric Dentistry
MSc in Health Professions Education
MSc in Sports Medicine, Exercise & Health
MSc in Pain Management
Columbia University, USA MSc in Earth & Environmental Engineering
MSc in Civil Engineering
MSc in Applied Mathematics
MSc in Computer Science- Machine Learning
Johns Hopkins University, USA MA in Global Risk
MA in Sustainable Energy
Flexible MBA
MS in Finance
MS in Marketing
MSc in Data Analytics
MSc in Bioinformatics
University of California, Los Angeles, USA MSc in Engineering- Aerospace
MSc in Engineering- Computer Networking
Queen Mary University of London, UK LLM in Technology, Media & Telecommunications
MSc in Aesthetic Medicine
MSc in Critical Care
MSc in Clinical Drug Development

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Is an online master’s worth it or not is a personal preference! We hope this blog helps you with all your apprehension and queries regarding whether an online masters degree is worth it or not. At the end of the day, it is your academic preferences and determination that will help you decide what is best for you. Online learning is a viable option for people who want to improve their qualification even without disturbing their daily routine. For more informative blogs, follow Leverage Edu on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn

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