Industrial Safety Courses

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Industrial Safety Courses

Every year millions of industrial/occupational accidents occur which result in loss of production time equivalent to millions of man-hours, machine hours etc, and thus organisations realised the importance of industrial safety. It is therefore essential to examine and control the injuries which take place in the industrial environment. With the gradual increase in injuries at workplaces, the demand for Industrial safety professionals in the industry is growing at a great pace. If you are planning to pursue Industrial Safety programs, then this is the right place for you. The blog will explore an array of Industrial safety courses and educational institutes which offer them.


Industrial safety can be categorized as the management of all operations and events within an industry to safeguard the health of workers or employees. It aims to minimize risks, accidents and hazards of working professionals in an organisation. Job profiles included under this domain includes – Safety Manager, Industrial Safety Officer, Safety Officer, etc.

List of Industrial Safety Courses

There are various Industrial Safety courses offered by numerous educational institutions across the globe. Usually, the course is famous with the name  Occupational Health and Safety in universities abroad. Given below is an exclusive list of Industrial Safety courses curated by Leverage Edu which you can choose to pursue:

  • Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (Health, Safety and Environment)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • MEng in Industrial Safety Management
  • BEng in Industrial Safety 
  • MTech in Industrial Safety
  • Bachelor of Industrial Safety and Risk Management
  • MS in Occupational Safety and Health Engineering
  • MSc in Health, Safety and Environmental Management 
  • Graduate Industrial Safety and Public Health Certificate
  • Master of Industrial Safety and Risk Management

While there is a list of Industrial Safety courses available for candidates to choose from, there are some Industrial Safety courses popular amongst others. Given below is a list of Industrial Safety programs in briefed out in detail:

Diploma in Industrial Safety Management

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This is a full-time program diploma program. The aim of this diploma program is to empower the students with knowledge, skills and awareness in workplace safety and trains them to handle situations dealing with failures of safety measures. The program provides a detailed study on the measures to be taken by the students to safeguard other’s lives, during calamity strikes. Subjects taught include Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Safety and Security Management and Industrial plans, Accident investigation, Industrial safety management, etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management

This is a 1-2 year PG program, which enhances a student’s practical knowledge and working skills respect to risk management techniques, standard health and wellbeing of workers, general safety measures, and preventive control measures to avoid accidents in near future. List of subjects covered under this course is Fire and Safety Engineering, Occupational & Health Safety, Industrial Safety, Environmental Safety, Construction Safety, etc.

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

This is the full-time short diploma course for students and working professionals, who want to make a career in the field of occupational risks and health issues. The program enhances practical and technical skills on occupational/industrial hazards and safety. Students are educated about industrial risks, hazards, and accidental prevention techniques. Subjects covered in this program are Safety, Health and Environment Management, Safety, Health and Environmental Laws, Safety Management and Engineering, Safety Engineering Management-II: Material Handling and Safe use of Tools and Gadgets, etc.

Top Universities

There are numerous universities, which offer Industrial Safety courses to the students across the globe. Given below is a list of leading universities and colleges which offers courses in this field:

Candidates intrested in pursuing a technical course in the domain of safety can read our blogs on Fire and Safety Engineering and Safety Engineering Course. 

This was all about Industrial Safety courses across the globe. If you are willing to study this course from universities abroad, let Leverage Edu be your helping hand. Signup for a free counselling session and our experts will guide you with the ways of drafting a perfect study abroad application!

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