Ireland is becoming a more popular study-abroad destination for Indian students

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Indian students choose Ireland as their study abroad destination
Along with Indian students, high-skill professionals and healthcare workers are increasingly choosing to pursue their careers in Ireland.

Following COVID-19, the trend of studying abroad is in full swing and has grown by 60–70%. Ireland is quickly rising to the top of the list of preferred study-abroad countries for Indian students, as evidenced by the fact that 10,000 of these students are currently pursuing their dreams there. many more people have plans to enroll in well-known programs in the upcoming year.

It is crucial to highlight that the process for issuing visas and resident permits to international students—including Indians—is quick and competitive, as stated by Brendon Ward, the Irish ambassador to India, to the Financial Times. It is more well-liked by Indians since it has the most liberal post-study visa requirements and part-time work permits that allow students to earn while they learn for 20 to 40 hours each week.

The best aspect is that before they arrived in Ireland for their studies, all Indian students who were planning to attend this academic year had their visa applications handled in a timely manner. All of the Indian students who wanted to go to Ireland this summer had their travel arrangements made, so there is no backlog.

Aside from the approximately 5000 students that visit Ireland each year, we also have another 5000 Indians who come to Ireland to work under our unique work visa program.

The majority of Indians employed in Ireland work in industries including healthcare, information technology, and financial services.

As a result of the growing community, there are now Indian community groups in and around Ireland. There are Indian temples, Gurudwaras, and social organizations. Of course, there are more and more Indians playing for Ireland’s cricket teams. The result is that the community is expanding. According to Brendan, finding an area in Ireland that they are familiar with is now easier for Indians than it was 20 years ago, as reported by the Financial Times.
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