MoU signed by SoiM and Saint Louis University for a stronger study abroad programme

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MoU signed by SoiM and Saint Louis University for a stronger study abroad programme
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Out of 84,000 Indian students studying in US 44% come from 2 Telugu states

Good news for the students who want to study in US. Since the UGC released new guidelines for study abroad, academic collaborations between Indian and foreign universities have increased. The School of Innovation and Management (SoiM), a business school located in Hyderabad and affiliated with the G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science (for women), signed an agreement today with Saint Louis University, one of the country’s oldest universities with a history dating back 200 years. 

The Twitter post of D.Ramchandram who is a Hyderabad based Public Relations Consultant, founder of Solus Media and a Public Speaking Trainer says,

The agreement was signed as an MoU at CoWorks of SkyView in Madhapur, Hyderabad. Dr Samala Nagaraju, Associate Dean of SoiM, and Eric S. Armbrecht, Associate Provost and Director of Saint Louis University’s Global Education Program, exchanged the Agreement.

According to Eric, 84,000 Indian students are permitted to enrol at American universities annually by the United States of America. 33000 students out of 84000, or 44%, are from Telugu-speaking Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 

He added that India and the United States are natural allies, particularly in education. He also emphasised that there is a huge opportunity to improve cooperation between the educational institutions of the two nations. Mutual interests and a shared commitment to assisting students in pursuing their professional and personal goals serve as the foundation for international collaboration. 

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