Study Abroad: How Australia aims to tackle its 4 major issues to promote the work and stay of international students?

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Australia aims to tackle its 4 major issues to promote the work and stay of international students

Australia wants to increase the number of international students to work and to stay in the country after completing their graduation. After the pandemic the number of international students in Australia has increased, 2023 may even be a record year.

This a great news for many Australian universities and Australian employers.

In order to “strengthen the pipeline of skilled labour,” Education Minister Jason Clare recently stated that those with a bachelor’s degree could stay for four years instead of two. This group is especially likely to include graduates in healthcare, education, hospitality, and accountancy.

The government’s modest policy adjustment is insufficient, though. It entails that graduates will be able to find employment in their fields of study. Four major factors make it need to do more than simply extend visas in order to hire more competent overseas graduates.

However, international students are facing evident issues that affect the initiative including :

  • Many international students are not able to secure a job even after 6 months after their graduation, creating financial pressure and stress on them.
  • Even if they have secured a job the pay is less compared to the domestic students.
  • It is difficult for students to secure a job as they lack work experience due to covid and the lockdown.
  • Employers are hesitant about hiring international students due to their visa validity duration which makes them an expensive investment.

International students are a reliable and significant source of workplace variety and productivity, both of which are essential for competing in a global economy. Their unique skill sets, viewpoints, attitudes, and cultural comprehensions can enhance how a firm runs in a nation with a wide range of cultures.

To mitigate these issues, the Australian government is planning to provide better career support to international students, providing better work opportunities and highlighting the diversity, attitude and work culture of international students.

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