Canada speeds up process of PR for international students

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Canada speeds up process of PR for international students
The most recent immigration policy in Canada gives temporary workers more opportunities to become permanent residents.

In areas with a persistent labour shortage, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has proposed a plan to expand the number of international students and foreign workers who are eligible for permanent residency. This happened after the House of Commons passed Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s Private Member’s Motion M-44 in May. 

According to Fraser, the Justin Trudeau administration intends to open up more paths to permanent residency with this decision. Foreign employees provide a variety of skill sets and educational backgrounds that support company growth, creativity, and productivity which will help Canada’s economy to recover and expand. He continued that they also assist in meeting the immediate manpower needs of various businesses.

He also claimed that international students help Canada’s workforce grow, become more productive, and mitigate the effects of an ageing population. By extending or altering the present pathways for foreign nationals who are working in Canada and seeking to stay, including international student graduates, the minister hopes to help people make the transition from temporary to permanent status. He continued by saying that a number of current programmes currently provide temporary foreign workers and international student graduates with a route to permanent residency in Canada.

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With this, the country will modernise the Express Entry system, including offering immigration selection procedures under Express Entry more flexibility, especially with regard to the points awarded for Canadian work experience, education, language proficiency, and job offers.

Canada will also investigate more effective ways to transport crucial personnel in high demand, like doctors, by lowering barriers. To assist persons working in the agri-food sector and those who provide in-home care in moving into permanent housing, pilot programmes will be improved.

Under the Justin Trudeau administration, provinces and territories will have the discretion to alter and expand their immigration streams to meet their respective labour market needs. The government will modernise the immigration system, boost processing capacity, and improve customer service through technological innovations. All of these initiatives are meant to speed up the process of granting permanent residency to immigrants in Canada.

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