Indian students have outnumbered Chinese in Australia

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Indian students have outnumbered Chinese in Australia
After in the UK, USA and the business capital of UAE, Dubai now, Indian students have outnumbered the Chinese as the largest community in the country.

India will overtake China as the country with the most international students arriving in Australia this year due to the deteriorating relations between the two nations. India had 96,000 students studying there as of July 2022, making it the second-largest international student nation after China. Indians are the second-largest source of international students for popular higher education locations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and China is the top source overall. However, India’s stake was either half or lesser than China’s.

“But the number of commencing students from India is growing very quickly, and we expect this to be the largest group from anywhere in the world,” says Monica Kennedy, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Austrade, in an interview with The Hindu.

Five million seven hundred six thousand two hundred twenty-six international students studied in Australia between January 2021 and December 2021. According to figures published by the Australian government’s Department of Education, China contributed 1.70 lakh or 30% of all international students in Australia, and India contributed 97,000 or 17%. This comes even though there was a decrease in enrollment overall compared to 2020 post-COVID-19.

“Of late Chinese students have not been leaving home [to study abroad], so the number of Indians is going up. This is also supported by rising aspirations as well as paying capacity of Indian students. At Deakin University our focus has always been on India followed by China and then the rest of the world. While most other universities in Australia have so far focused on Chinese students, that will now change,” says Ravneet Pawha, Vice-President (of Global Alliances) & CEO (South Asia), Deakin University, National Vice-Chair, Australia India Business Council.

The UK Immigration Statistics stated that there had been an increase of almost 89% of Indian students from the prior year, thus making the Indian community the highest in number. Similarly, applications for visas to the USA from India have also increased. The same hike in the number of Indian students can also be seen in the Emirate city of UAE, Dubai

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