Study Abroad: Australia to compete globally to attract foreign students

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Australia to compete globally to attract foreign students
Australia plans to compete in the global battle for the study abroad talent after migration review and filling more spaces with student visa holders in an effort to reset with the existing state.

The Universities Australia Chief Executive, Catriona Jackson, voiced her opinion in light of the increased efforts other nations are making to entice students seeking to study abroad.

Additionally, the fact that governments are emerging from pandemic-induced hibernation with a greater understanding that a domestic labour force alone is insufficient to meet their workforce demands and foster economic growth. There is growing acceptance that study abroad aspirants can and need to contribute more to the migration mix.

The COVID-19’s effect on the flow of skilled employees has rekindled the fierce rivalry for talent that has existed throughout history. The race for the best and brightest has just begun, and it is getting more intense as the pandemic fades into the background and borders are opened.

Despite her country’s solid stance, Catriona Jackson, Chief Executive of University Australia, highlighted her concern over the main issue that, more international students attend our top institutions every year than any other country, with the exception of two, but only 28% of them utilize their post-study employment rights in Australia, and only 16% of them stay there permanently.

Australia is more affected, as record levels of workforce participation keep the jobless rate at a close to 50-year low. The risk will further aggravate slipping further behind the countries with which Australia competes for talent if the migration system is not changed, primarily through the present review of Australia’s migration system. At this time, the system has more barriers than gateways. Long waiting periods, a lack of transparency regarding application progress, and a lack of assurance are just a few of the difficulties that study abroad aspirants usually face.

To start over right away and create an immigration system that supports Australia’s future is the need of the hour, for developing a robust, skilled, and capable workforce to ensure that Australia can traverse the upcoming decades safely and successfully.

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