Indian students important for New Zealand’s foreign education goals

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Indian students important for New Zealand's foreign education goals
The New Zealand government is working on a specific pathway to address the concerns of Indian students.

While both Australia and New Zealand claim of having a large immigrant population that includes thousands of students, the former has had better success with 96,000 Indian students joining the country until July 2022.

Despite a 63% increase in first-time visas for Indian students in New Zealand in 2019—from 800 to 1600—the country’s Covid restrictions and tight borders made it impossible for many Indian students, who encountered various difficulties.

Concerns of EAM over New Zealand student visas

The minister of external affairs for India, S. Jaishankar brought up the problem during a meeting with Nanaia Mahuta, the counterpart for New Zealand, in October 2022. He requested better treatment for Indian students who were suffering from the Covid epidemic.  

According to Andrew Craig, Manager of Immigration (Skills and Residence) Policy, Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment (MBIE), certain specific measures will be made by the New Zealand government to address the concerns of Indian students.

With this arrangement people can apply for work, student, visiting, and residency visas with the New Zealand border fully open. Representatives of immigrant communities, particularly the Indian community in New Zealand, have spoken to the Minister of Immigration regarding former visa holders who are abroad and have not returned. 

What have the post-study work visa policies changed in New Zealand?

Recent modifications to New Zealand’s post-study work visa policy include limitations on the employment options available to foreign students enrolling in low-level courses. This is unless they choose to work in courses connected to Green List occupations. The Green List includes professions that primarily serve the medical, engineering, and information technology areas and includes highly skilled positions, currently in demand in New Zealand, with awardees having a clear pathway to permanent residency.

An employer is authorised to hire individuals under the Talent (Accredited Employer) work instructions. He must receive accreditation from Immigration New Zealand (INZ). In addition to being able to work in New Zealand for an accredited business that has committed to hiring them for at least 30 hours per week, students are also permitted to take up to three months off from work to complete any coursework that is necessary for their employment. According to Craig, if students possess the credentials and experience required in the New Zealand labour market, they can benefit greatly.

About 2,50,000 people of Indian descent and NRIs live in the Kiwi homeland, the vast majority of whom have settled there permanently.

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