IELTS Writing Task

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IELTS Writing Task

Common to both, IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training, the writing section of the IELTS exam is considered crucial to scoring well. Since the writing test will be timed, you must practice an ample number of questions for qualifying the exam with flying colours. For all those gearing up for the IELTS exam, here is a comprehensive blog about the IELTS writing tasks.

IELTS Academic Writing Pattern

Opted by the candidates who want to seek quality education from a university in English speaking countries, the Academic version of IELTS has to be completed in a duration of 60 minutes in which, the applicants have to solve 2 questions. Mentioned below are types of IELTS writing tasks which you will come across.

IELTS Writing Task 1

In the first task, candidates will be evaluated based on a picture description test where information given in the form of a picture has to be deduced. Commonly, the pictures included in this IELTS Writing task are graphs, pie charts, tables, or infographics. The maximum word limit of this question would be 150 words. It is advised to wrap up this question in 15-20 minutes.

Sample Questions

  • The chart given below represents the percentage of people, in the 1990-2010 age bracket, donating money to charity. Deduce the information given below in your words making comparison wherever necessary. 
  • The following diagram shows the changes that the St. Mary School has undergone since it’s construction in 1950. Summarise the given picture and represent a comparison if required. 

IELTS Writing Task 2

The IELTS Writing task 2 will be an essay writing on a given topic. It will be based on an academic setup or could be generic nature. Aspirants will have to draft at least 250 words and should aim to complete this task in 35-40 minutes. 

Sample Questions

  • Some people prefer to work for a single organization, while others believe in working for a variety of institutions. Highlight both the views and present your opinions for the same. Include some examples in support of your answer.
  • Over the past thirty years, car ownership has increased at such a great rate that some nations now observe huge traffic jams. According to you, what are the measures that the government should adopt to stop people from buying or using more cars? Represent your views using suitable examples. 

IELTS General Training Writing Section

The ones who have been either hired by an organisation overseas or are willing to immigrate to some other country opt for this variant of the test. In this component, there will be 2 IELTS Writing tasks that have to be solved in 60 minutes. Lets us have a look at the types of questions. 

Task 1

An argument in the form of a question will be given based on a situation and the candidates will have to deliver a response for it by either writing a formal, informal, or semi-formal letter. The word limit for this question is 150 words. Applicants must follow the prescribed format of letter writing.

Sample Questions

  • The central hospital of your city has organised a health check-up camp wherein it has requested the common people to volunteer. You are willing to go for the event to serve the community. Write a letter to the hospital about the same.  
  • You were a part of the social service community in your area and actively participated in many activities. However, due to some reasons, you are unable to contribute now. Write a letter to your manager for the same. 

Task 2 

The second part of the IELTS writing task will be an essay question based on a given point of view, argument, or a general topic. Topics related to everyday situations will be given and aspirants have to write a response for it in 250 words. 

Sample Questions

  • Some people believe that school students should be given homework daily while others say that children should be given quality time at home. Present your views on the same with some examples. 
  • Some parents believe that giving homework in the form of presentations/posters aid in creative thinking, while others prefer theory based tasks. Present your views on the same citing some examples. 
  • It is said that people should get married before 30 because it is good for the community and the individual. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

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