11 January: IELTS Writing Task 1 Topic- The Best Way to Reduce Poverty in Developing Countries is by Giving Up to Six Years of Free Education.

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The Best Way to Reduce Poverty in Developing Countries is by Giving Up to Six Years of Free Education.

Q- The best way to reduce poverty in developing countries is by giving up to six years of free education so that they can at least read, write and use numbers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A- It is frequently assumed that maintaining the free status of primary education would increase access to schooling. This has been suggested as a particularly effective way to combat poverty. I wholeheartedly concur with this recommendation, and I’ll explain why free primary education will reduce poverty. 

First, several students are discouraged from continuing their studies due to financial issues. Making the government pay for basic education will therefore help to lower the rate of school dropouts. Additionally, it would address issues like child labour and criminality. Additionally, data demonstrates that unemployment rates in developing nations are alarmingly high. Therefore, offering free elementary education could not only enable kids to obtain better employment but also provide a number of employment prospects in the education sector, thereby lowering unemployment.

Second, providing education would help people gain knowledge and experience they might not otherwise have. Later on, this would assist them in landing better employment and developing into useful, all-around inhabitants of the nation. Giving them access to free education would improve their outlook on the future and foster a good attitude toward society. This would also motivate people to work to address societal issues like poverty. In addition to guaranteeing an economically secure future, access to education also helps to end poverty.

In conclusion, I opine that free primary education can provide emerging economies with a long-term answer since it may help prevent students from giving up their chance at a better future while also assisting them in gaining a variety of new skills and abilities.

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