3 December: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics – Tech has made it possible work from home nowadays? What do you think are the effects on employees working from home?

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Tech has made it possible for work from home nowadays? What do you think are the effects on employees working from home?

Q- Advancements in technology have made it possible for many people to work from home nowadays? What do you think are the effects on employees working from home?

A- Modern technology has greatly facilitated human life. Many professionals and students prefer working or studying from home these days using affordable and user-friendly modern electronic devices. This tendency, in my opinion, offers more benefits than disadvantages, thus it is a development that is good.

There are numerous justifications for my position. The most significant one is that it is more practical to use for both categories, whether they are employees or students. Not only can they avoid wasting time getting to work or school and use it more productively for their work or studies, but they can also focus more intently on their work because they are not worn out by the commute. People who study or work from home, for instance, typically produce more fruitful outcomes than those who commute daily to work or school. Additionally, working from home gives students or employees more flexibility, which is another factor that contributes to the beneficial development of this genre. People who work or study from home have the chance to spend time with their families while either earning money or discovering something new, which is a necessity in today’s workaholic culture. 

Despite the aforementioned arguments, working or studying from home has drawbacks. People lose the chance to engage with others in society and become less social as a result of spending most of their time at home. As a result, they are poor communicators and find it challenging to express their opinions in an open manner in front of others. For instance, those who prefer to live at home for job and school purposes are reported to have less speaking confidence than those who attend college or work in a company.

In conclusion, working or studying from home offers people a number of advantages like convenience and flexibility with only a few drawbacks. As a result, the benefits of the current trend outweigh its negatives.

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