29 November: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics – What is the best way to travel through a city – a car or a bicycle?

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What is the best way to travel through a city - a car or a bicycle?

Q- Some people say a car is the best way to travel through a city while others support travelling with bicycles. Discuss both sides and share your opinion.

A- Bicycles are seen by some as the superior mode of transportation in cities, whereas motor vehicles are preferred by others. Bicycles, in my opinion, are the key to healthy people and environments, even though the advantages of driving a car cannot be discounted.

To begin with, some people point out that vehicles offer elegance and comfort that bicycles simply cannot match. One of the primary reasons people choose cars over bicycles is the accessibility of padded, leather seats, built-in televisions, and temperature regulation at the touch of a button, just to name a few features that bicycles cannot provide. Additionally, driving a car is more convenient. Without having to worry about distance, traffic, or time, you can get anywhere in the city quickly. However, bicycles are interesting alternatives despite such convenient amenities.

Bicycles, on the other hand, have a lot of advantageous features. Firstly, they are an environmentally friendly option. They don’t need gasoline, therefore they don’t produce harmful emissions like carbon dioxide, which greatly contributes to air pollution. This reduces the need for fossil fuels and protects the earth’s natural resources. Secondly, cycling counteracts the sedentary lifestyle that comes with driving to work by making people fitter. Consistent daily riding can significantly lower the risk of diseases including obesity and heart issues. In addition, they are also a less expensive option. Owners of bicycles do not have the additional costs associated with owning a car, such as high car payments, daily gas, and mechanical upkeep. This is also the main factor behind why the majority of college students choose bicycles.

In conclusion, although each mode of transportation has advantages of its own, bicycles are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option for getting around cities.

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