23 December: IELTS Speaking Topic- Describe a rule that you don’t like.

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Describe a rule that you don’t like.

Q- Describe a rule that you don’t like.

A- I have dealt with rules only in school until now and I know school is significant to us since it serves as the starting point of our educational journey. However, there are several school regulations that I don’t like, and I’ll discuss one of them today. 

This regulation applied to the Internet lab. It was the early days of computers in schools when I was attending a school in my hometown. At that time, we were undoubtedly awestruck by these machines and wished to practice as much as we could. The administration of our school had an irksome rule prohibiting us from using these laptops, though. That rule said that only the 10th and 12th graders may use the computer lab, and we, 8th graders, were not permitted to enter. I wanted to use that computer because I was studying the subject for my eighth-grade class at the time. Due to this regulation, all of the other kids were also upset and confronted the principal multiple times, but all our efforts were in vain.

I did, however, once sneak into the computer area. Since all of the teachers were conducting prayer sessions and I had already missed the daily prayer due to my tardiness, I saw this as an opportunity to fulfill my wants and went over to the computer. I started using the computer from within the closed door before being spotted by our IT teacher, who then disciplined me and complained to my parents.

This regulation bothered me because I believe that everyone should have access to knowledge, regardless of class or grade. I thought my school authorities were a little biased against higher education classes as a result of this rule.

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