1 December: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics – Where money could be spent better- on training individuals for Sports competition or on ordinary citizen.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics - Where money could be spent better- on training individuals for Sports competition or on ordinary citizen.

Q- Countries spend a lot of money on training individuals for sports competitions while some people believe that the money could be better spent on ordinary citizens. Do you agree or disagree?

A- Our society has traditionally placed a high value on sports and many governments invest a considerable sum of money in the development of athletes. While some people agree with this viewpoint, others, however, think that the money should go toward public welfare programmes. This essay contends and partially supports this viewpoint that public funds ought to be allocated equally for both of these activities..

On the one hand, investing in coaching is advantageous for both nations and athletes. This is due to the fact that athletes who have received extensive training can compete better and even represent their nation by winning medals at international competitions like the Olympics. People benefit because they get generous prizes from the sports organisation and some people also receive contracts for advertising. Additionally, it gives lesser-known nations a platform to display their talent on a worldwide scale, which may potentially increase tourism there. For instance, Croatia gained international popularity after reaching the 2018 Fifa Soccer World Cup Final. As a result, there was a 25% increase in international tourists, primarily from the Gulf region, who wanted to see the little country to learn more about their passion for soccer.

On the other hand, public welfare programmes like healthcare and education should get equal funding from the government. Every administration should concentrate on these because they are fundamental needs of society. The community members will be satisfied by these services, and they will be better able to concentrate on the advancement of the nation. For example, Canada offers its citizens free education and health care so that they can concentrate on their personal ambitions rather than worrying about meeting their essential necessities.

To conclude, developing athletes can benefit both people and nations in their quest for international acclaim. However, delivering essential services to people is equally crucial for the prosperity of the nation. Governments should therefore prioritise both of these tasks.

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