How to Study Physics for NEET

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NEET is the most important examination for those dreaming of a career in the healthcare industry. Most students who are preparing for NEET find the physics section the most challenging. Preparing for physics requires a lot of effort, patience and problem-solving abilities. The physics portion of the NEET examination consists of numerous numerical sums and theoretical concepts associated with different topics. The NEET exam consists of physics questions from class 11th and 12th in equal weightage. 45 questions are asked in the physics section in total, which equals to 180 marks in the paper. Hence, scoring good marks in the physics section of the NEET exam is necessary to get a good total overall score for admission to medical courses. Understanding that the exam syllabus can be vast and challenging here is a guide on how to study physics for NEET.

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How to Study Physics for NEET- Topics and Their Weightage

Before we step into how to study physics for NEET, let us look at the main physics topics for the examination.

  • Electrodynamics
  • Heat and thermodynamics
  • Mechanics
  • Modern Physics
  • SHM and Waves
  • Optics

All of these topics are further subdivided into numerous other chapters. Before moving forward on how to study physics for NEET, let us look at the weightage of all the main topics: 

Main topic Weightage
Electrodynamics 27%
Heat and thermodynamics 9%
Mechanics 35%
Modern Physics 11%
SHM and Waves 7%
Optics  11%

How to study Physics for NEET- Tips

Here are some of the few tips on how to study physics for NEET. If these tips are followed from the beginning of your NEET examination preparation, the process of preparing will become easy for you.

Know the Syllabus

Firstly, be aware of all the topics that constitute the physics section of the examination. Check the official site for NEET medical examination for accurate syllabus. Also check the marking scheme of each topic and be prepared accordingly. 

Clear the Basic Concepts

Be very clear about your basic concepts. Physics problems may appear difficult because of the tricky concepts. This is one of the most important tips on how to prepare physics for NEET. Learn the Formulae

Preparing formulae is one of the most important parts of the examination. Constantly revising the formulas is a better way to go about memorising the numerous complex formulas of physics. 

Solve Sample Papers Regularly

Keep solving the sample papers as well as previous year question papers. This is a great way of increasing accuracy and speed. This will also familiarise you with the pattern and the types of questions that will be asked in the NEET entrance exam

Prepare Notes

One of the best ways to keep a structured revision is to prepare notes while learning. This will help you clarify what is important and what is not and you can prepare accordingly. Make sure you write them clearly and are able to easily skim through them in any given time.

Don’t Underestimate the power of Revision

Revising your chapters regularly will not only help you memorize them better but also solve the doubts you had initially. While you are revising, make sure that you emphasize on your weak areas, but do not completely ignore your strong points. Go through reactions, formulae, etc

Have a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is crucial in general but when you are preparing for such important exams, a healthy diet becomes even more crucial with respect to it. You need to gain energy for being able to concentrate better.

Take Regular Breaks

Just because the exam is tough, you don’t need to always be preparing all the time. Take regular breaks between your preparation routine and then go ahead with preparing again.

Follow Proven Study Methods

There are several study methods that help prepare better. Here are some of the study methods you must know:

  • Method Study
  • Feynman Technique
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Spaced Practice
  • SQ3R Method

Exercise Timely

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and if you want to study in peace and grasp more in less time, exercise regularly. Avoid eating junk and oily food that can create health problems.

Chapters asked in NEET 

Different chapters in Physics have different value for each section. Depending on that, the number of questions from that chapter are asked. Let’s check out the most important to least important chapters in Physics.

Most Important Chapters Important Chapters Less Important Chapters
Oscillations and Waves Work, Energy & Power Properties of Bulk Matter
Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism Optics Physical World and Measurement
Laws of Motion Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body Gravitation
Kinematics Electromagnetic Induction Electromagnetic Waves
Heat and Thermodynamics Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Behavior of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Electrostatics Current Electricity Alternating Current
Electronic Devices Atoms and Nuclei

How to Study Important Physics Chapters?

Preparing for physics is not possible without preparing well for each section in the book. So, let’s check the best way to prepare a few important chapters in Physics:

Current Electricity

  • Class 12 Physics chapter Current Electricity comprises of various other subparts. 
  • In this blog, we are going to explain Electric Charges & Fields, Electrical Conductivity, Electrostatic Potential, Capacitance & Moving Charges, and Magnetism. 
  • There is a list of topics that are a part of current electricity physics syllabus class 12. Preparing them well will help you fetch good results.


  • Waves is one of the fundamental topics of Physics and one needs to develop a stronghold over its concepts. 
  • You can be asked questions about different types of waves, and the important formulae in the chapter.


  • This chapter of the physics syllabus for class 12 aims to impart knowledge on topics such as Coulomb’s law-force; forces between multiple charges; Electric Charges; Continuous Charge Distribution; dielectrics and polarisation; capacitors and capacitance; energy stored in capacitance; free charges and bound charges.
  • This chapter is highly preferred by NEET to ask questions from so prepare it well.

Dual  Nature of Radiation and Matter

  • In this unit, students must prepare the photoelectric Effect; matter waves- wave nature of particle; Davisson and Germer experiment; Hertz and Lenard’s observations; Einstein’s Photoelectric equation-particle nature of light, etc.  
  • This chapter is important for NEET preparation.

Last Minute Tips for NEET

Here are also some last minute study tips that might help you:

  • Keep practising and revising 
  • Do not try to learn new topics. 
  • Stay healthy and positive
  • In case you feel overburdened by the vastness of the syllabus,stick to the NCERT books for reference. 

Exam Pattern as per Previous Year Question Papers

Type of questions Number of questions
Theory based 15-20
Numericals 15-20
Logical concepts 5-10
Critical concept based questions 5-10

All you need to know for NEET 2021

Even with all the tips on how to study Physics for NEET, it is normal to be apprehensive about examinations. It is also natural to have doubts about whether a specific field is right for your strengths, if you also have doubts regarding the field to pursue, the experts at Leverage Edu can help you come to a decision that is best-suited for you.  

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