How to Prepare for NEET

How to Prepare for NEET

Regarded as the successor of the All India Pre-medical test, The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is an entrance exam for students aspiring to study bachelor’s degree programs from the top medical colleges of the country. Previously administered by CBSE, this exam is now conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Apart from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Jawaharlal Institute of Medical Sciences (JIPMER), all other government and private medical colleges require NEET for their admission process. Only those students who secured minimum 50% marks in senior secondary with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as core subjects are eligible to give this exam. Due to a large student base, NEET has become very competitive. If you are searching the best tricks and tips on how to prepare for NEET, here is a complete preparation guide comprising the syllabus as well as useful techniques you can employ in order to ace this exam with high scores.   

Exam Syllabus

Before elaborating the answers to the question of how to prepare for NEET, first let’s take a look at the chapters or units which constitute an important part of this exam. NEET is mainly designed on three subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology and the concepts for these disciplines are taken from the syllabus of 11th and 12th standard. Here is a table listing down the key topics and concepts covered in the three disciplines that NEET comprises of: 

Physics Chemistry Biology
Ray Optics Chemical Bonding and
Molecular Structure
Human Physiology
Gravitation Alcohols and Ethers Diversity of Living
Wave Optics Chemical Kinetics Cell Structure and
Communication Systems s- and p-block Elements Genetics and
Rotational Motion and
Motion in One Dimension
Thermodynamics and
Biology and
Human Welfare
Current Electricity and
Magnetic Effects of Current
Coordination Compounds
Electromagnetic Induction and
AC Currents
Chemical Thermodynamics
Electrostatics Biomolecules and Polymers
Thermodynamics and its Laws Hydrocarbons
Heat Transfer

How to Prepare for NEET: Tips & Tricks

Before sitting down to plan your preparation for NEET, it is important to explore the useful techniques that can help you learn the concepts better and ace the exam successfully. Here is a list of best tips and tricks on how to prepare for NEET that can assist you in cracking the code:

1. Understand the Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of NEET is the first thing you should comprehend before starting your preparations for the exam. Note down the type of questions asked in the exam, its marking scheme, key concepts covered as well as the exam duration. Grasping the essentials of the exam pattern, you can efficiently plan the whole process of how to prepare for NEET.

2. Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses

For every competitive exam, you should first analyze your weaknesses and look for plausible solutions to strengthen the concepts you are lagging behind in. Segregate the topics you find easy and those that seem relatively difficult. Then, strengthen your weaker concepts first while revising the easier topics alongside which will help you balance your preparation.

3. Create a Top-notch Timetable

The syllabus of NEET is vast and spread across the extensive disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For this exam, you need to study the entire higher secondary school syllabus of the three Science subjects. Thus, having a well-framed timetable is essential for keeping a track on your progress and to ensure that you are finishing your set goals on time. To further answer your question of how to prepare for NEET, here are some key tricks to keep in mind while creating a timetable:

  • Give more time to the topics you find difficult.
  • Either keep a plan ready for a week or set daily goals regarding the concepts you will be covering.
  • Set realistic goals. If you can study for only 5 hours then don’t set goals which will take more than that. 
  • Keep some spare hours to relax and spend some time outdoors. 

4. Begin with NCERT Books

Before moving on to reference books, it is important to go through the NCERT books. These books can assist you in strengthening the basic foundational concepts of every subject. Further, the questions and examples mentioned in NCERTs are also helpful in revising the syllabus of the exam.

5. Practice, Practice and Practice!

The best way to strengthen your weaknesses is to regularly practise questions from topics that you have covered. Once you are through with a unit or chapter, you can attempt different mock tests. This will help you in identifying and improving the areas where you still lag. 

6. Solve Full-length Mock Papers

As the exam comes closer, anxiety and fear invariably increases. You can ease this fear by solving sample papers. Full-length mock tests not only help you build confidence but assist you in finding important concepts which you may have missed. However, it is advisable to stop taking mock exams a day or two before the final exam. 

7. Avoid Common Mistakes

Another significant tip for the question of how to prepare for NEET is to avoid the common mistakes in your preparation schedule. Here is a list of the key mistakes that we often make while preparing for competitive exams.

  • Don’t compare your progress in terms of the number of hours you have devoted. Instead, focus on how many chapters you were able to cover or how many questions you could solve in an hour. It is better to study in a focused manner for 4 hours than spending 8 hours crammed in books and with no concentration. 
  • You are bound to get confused if you are reading from too many resources. Restrict yourself to NCERTs and only take one good reference book. It is advisable to design a simple strategy for how to prepare for NEET. Always remember: Minimum books, Maximum revision!
  • While preparing for a competitive exam like NEET, it is important to take adequate rest at regular intervals. Apart from 7-8 hours of sleep, devote at least 1-2 hours on recreational activities. To increase your concentration, substitute junk food with healthy alternatives. 

We hope that this blog provided you with helpful tips on how to prepare for NEET. The rank you will get in NEET can not only help you get into the top medical college in India but you can also seek admission in international medical universities. If you are planning for any competitive exam and need help with preparation, you can always reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we’ll guide you with the best tips and tricks for acing any competitive exam and getting into your dream course and university.

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