Government Approves Return of International Students to South Australia

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Govt Approves Return of International Students to South Australia

Covid- 19 has created confusion among students planning to study abroad. Now that the situation is getting better, various countries are welcoming international students. According to the plan by the federal government, South Australia is ready to call its international students from overseas now. The students will be under two-week mandatory quarantine after getting off at South Australia. This decision was taken at the start of June 2021. South Australia would be the first state to welcome back international students safely, as congratulated by Universities Australia’s chief executive, Catriona Jackson. Here’s everything you need to know about the return of International Students to South Australia

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Reason for the Return of International Students to South Australia

The restrictions to enter Australia have impacted many international students and found that 93% of international students stranded outside the country have experienced mental health issues.

Steven Marshall, South Australia’s premier, welcomed the approval and talked about how international education is a significant part of the state’s economy and has contributed over $2 billion in 2019. Marshall even explained that the health and safety of South Australians are the government’s “number one priority” and all the work will be done outside the current caps, and the institutions and students will bear the costs of flights and quarantine.

Honeywood, IEAA chief executive officer,  said “the international education sector in all eight states and territories has been “very good” at sharing ideas on their respective student return plans, and given that the South Australian government is facing a state election in March, the plan is a “politically brave move” on their part.”

It is being said that there are a lot of further steps to be undertaken before the students can start arriving, and this plan’s approval will work as a ‘blueprint’ for other states to follow for their respective plans as well.

Karyn Kent, chief executive of StudyAdelaide, explained that institutions can keep their students informed at each stage of the plan. It is anticipated that students will return to Adelaide in the second half of the year. Kent added “This is the first of many programs undertaken to return students to Australia. We hope this is the first step to returning many international students studying across Australia given the significant disruption to their study journey.”

In a media statement, an Indian student said, “I am very happy to hear the news from the South Australian government. I am hoping I will be able to travel to Adelaide to start my second semester on campus.”

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Unfortunately, there seems to be a decrease in the political will and some distress towards this decision from some state governments. Thus the decision-makers are hopeful that the federal government’s approval of the South Australian plans will generate some momentum for other states to not risk losing market share.

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