New Zealand Announces Border Reopening Process for International Students

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New Zealand reopens to International Students

New Zealand is reopening its border for international students. This is an excellent news for study abroad aspirants as normal visa processing for New Zealand will resume from October 2022. This will allow international students to enroll for study programs in New Zealand in 2023.

International students can enter New Zealand for studies as the New Zealand Government has announced to reopen the border which was closed for two years due to the pandemic for international students from February 28. New Zealand has allowed up to 5,000 international students to enter the country from April 12, 2022 to continue their studies for semester 2 this year, in addition to the earlier cohorts approved in 2020 and 2021. While making this announcement, the government of New Zealand also outlined a 5-step process for reopening borders initially for New Zealanders to return back to New Zealand from Australia and then from the rest of the world. 

The border reopening steps outlined today enable the international education sector to progressively open through 2022 for existing cohorts, with a new much larger cohort able to enter New Zealand for study before semester two. More details of the new students cohort will be determined by the Ministers of Education and Immigration and advised in due course“, said McPherson.

The normal visa processing will resume from October 2022, allowing international students to enroll in New Zealand in 2023. 

The Government has demonstrated their commitment to international students and educational institutions in 2023, with normal visa processing resuming in October 2022. This means international students can plan towards being in New Zealand for courses starting in 2023,” added McPherson.

Students from visa waiver countries such as Japan and South Korea are allowed to enter New Zealand for short visits from July for up to 3 months.

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International students entering New Zealand from March 14 through the border exception cohorts are allowed to self-isolate themselves rather than quarantine facilities subject to act in accordance with all the necessary health and border requirements.  

The announcement is an important step towards rebuilding a strengthened and sustainable international education sector, says McPherson- Education New Zealand Manapou Ki Te Ao (ENZ) Chief Executive Grant.

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