Geography Books

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Geography Books

Geography is defined as the study of physical factors of the Earth while incorporating the impact of human settlements and their activities. The subject is divided into two branches, Human Geography and Physical Geography. Human Geography studies people and their surrounding communities, cultures and how they interact with the environment. On the other hand, Physical Geography encompasses the study of natural phenomena and environments like Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Geosphere. Through this blog, we have enlisted the top Geography books for school students, aspirants of competitive exams like UPSC, IAS, etc. as well as those who love delving deeper into the nuances of a vast field of study like geography.

A wide range of useful and insightful reads on Geography is available from renowned writers around the world. Check out the following list of geography books you must have on your bookshelf.

BooksAuthorBuy Here
Geography Alive, Regions and PeopleDiane HartBuy here 
Geography: A Visual EncyclopediaSmithsonianBuy Here 
Physical GeographyJames F. Petersen, Dorothy Sack and Robert E. GablerBuy Here 
World GeographyRichard D. BoehmBuy Here 
Holt McDougal GeographyHolt McDougalBuy Here
World GeographyMajid HussainBuy Here 
World Regional GeographyLydia Mihelic Pulsipher, Alex Pulsipher and Ola JohanssonBuy Here 
Geographic ThoughtTim CresswellBuy Here
Eastern HemisphereHolt McDougalBuy Here
Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts – 17th Edition Harm J. de BlijBuy Here 

Now let’s get to know more about these Geography books:

Physical Geography by James F. Petersen, Dorothy Sack and Robert E. Gabler

This book constitutes a striking blend of Physical Geography but also the relationships between people, the Earth and its natural environment. It is one of the bestselling Geography books and emphasizes the three major branches of Geography, i.e. Physical Science, Geography as Spatial Science and Geography as Environmental Science. Exploring the functioning and operational nature of the three natural systems, it focuses on how humans are an indispensable part of Physical Geography. It is one of the first Physical Geography books to explore the study of environmental sustainability. The authors also to address the issue of human interactions with their environment.

Geography: A Visual Encyclopedia by Smithsonian

Amongst the top encyclopedias for Geography, this text is published by the famed Smithsonian Institution. It profoundly explores various aspects of the world, ranging from North to the South Pole, all the way to the outer atmosphere and down to the core. It also examines everything from natural processes to the human impact. Amongst the must-read Geography books for beginners, it examines the natural phenomenon like earthquakes and storms that can potentially destroy every structure. It provides an understanding of how weather works, what actually triggers the change in seasons and how water shapes the landscape with its massive power. It also explores life on this planet and is a wonderful repository of facts, information, maps, various explanations and illustrations exhibited in a striking manner.

World Regional Geography by Lydia Mihelic Pulsipher, Alex Pulsipher and Ola Johansson

World Regional Geography has its integral focus on studying the huge diversity of human life on planet earth. It clearly explains different global issues by presenting the aspects of the daily lives of humans around the world. Amongst the prominent Geography books, it explores various factors like environment, urbanization, globalization and politics. Mainly available in an e-book version, this amazing textbook also comprises homework help study material Sapling Plus which includes explanations of important questions for students.

Geographic Thought by Tim Cresswell

As one of the popular Geography books bringing a compilation of major authors and thinkers in this discipline, it also studies remarkable theoretical developments in Geography. It encompasses the key developments from the primitive geography to current times. Further, readers also get to know about Geographical theories explained in a simpler manner. It explains the huge influence of Darwin and Marx on Geographical studies. It also examines the emergence of anarchist Geographies and feminism, along with the impact it brought. It emphasizes the significance of understanding the vast body of thought of Geography and how it is pertinent to shape our understanding of human life. 

Geography: Realms, Regions, and Concepts by Harm J. de Blij

Taking readers on an adventurous crusade of World Regional Geography, this book explores the essential constituents of urban geography and spatial techniques and also encompasses Geography Information Analysis Modules (GIA). It is one of the visually-scintillating Geography books, it aims to provide an amazing digital experience to the readers to help them understand geography inside and outside the four-walled classroom environment.

World Geography Book by Majid Hussain

The book is a great option for UPSC courses especially for those who are looking for crisp content. Written in an easy pedagogy, the book follows a chronological order and has a sufficient number of maps for a better understanding. 

Human Geography Book by Majid Hussain

Human geography is one of the two main subcategories of geography, which deals with social sciences that study the world, communities, and cultures. It is geared towards providing the readers with key insights into the fundamentals of human geography. Through this book, Husain talks at length about human problems as well the role of mankind in bringing about change on the earth. Unlike other books on the subject, this edition of Human Geography gives the readers a comprehensive overview of human geography, considering its economic, political, historical, cultural, urban, and regional aspects.

Geography UPSC Books

Here are the top books that you should look into when pursuing UPSC:

  • Certificate Physical And Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong
  • Geography of India by Majid Hussain
  • Oxford Student Atlas for India by Oxford University Press
  • Geography Of India (The Gist of NCERT) by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal
  • Quick Geography for Competitive Exams by Disha Experts

Class 10 Geography Book

The Social Science exam of CBSE class 10 board examination is of 80 marks out of which 20 marks are allocated to Geography. Thus, performing well in this section becomes important. Given below, is a list of topics:

Chapter 1: Resources and Development
Chapter 2: Forest and Wildlife Resources
Chapter 3: Water Resources
Chapter 4: Agriculture
Chapter 5: Minerals and Energy Resources
Chapter 6: Manufacturing Industries
Chapter 7: Lifelines of National Economy

Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with the best Geography books you must add to your reading list! Planning to study a degree in Geography? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in picking the best course and university as per your interests and preferences. Sign up for a free counselling session with us today!

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