Educational Consultant

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Educational Consultant

Let’s get back to the traditional scenario of Education when there were limited universities, colleges and courses and no proper educational counselling. How difficult would it be to make a successful career in those times? With the advent of new educational ventures, students have the choice to pick any career pathway that lines with their interest. And for those who can’t find these right-fit careers, we have Educational consultants making this quest easier for them! An educational consultant has a pivotal role to play in providing a well-suited direction to the student. In this blog, we have drafted all necessary information regarding the role and importance of an Educational Consultant in an individual’s academic as well as professional journey.

Who is an Educational Consultant?

An Educational Consultant is someone with comprehensive knowledge of courses, curriculums, career opportunities pertaining to different fields of study. Students belonging to different academic backgrounds and levels need guidance for a better understanding of the pathways available to them. Thus, these professionals need to have ample knowledge, experience and qualifications to deal with the queries of students. Here are the 3 main phases that are quintessential for the efficient working of these professionals:

The Inquiry Phase
Interrogating the mind of applicants is the first thing to do as a consultant. Having an interactive conversation with the student, understanding their wants and needs, identifying their area of interest are the sub-parts of this step. Many times, students are asked to take the Psychometric test for a better picture of their interests.

Formulating strategy
After gauging skills area of interests, an educational consultant frames a proper comprehensive policy that helps to build capacity. In this phase, a thorough road map is created to help students with attention in order to choose a particular course or university.

The final phase is all about the execution of a decisive strategy and helps students to get into a desiring university or pursue their dream courses. Execution part consists of building the student profile, telling them about the required things to reach their goals and guiding them throughout the journey.

Necessary Skills for an Educational Consultant

  • Familiarised with the educational knowledge of different subject areas and fields
  • Effective communication skills
  • Knowledgeable about the diverse educational programmes available in every field of study
  • Promising leadership qualities
  • Decision making, motivational and presentation skills

How Leverage Edu is Changing Lives

Leverage Edu has connected innumerable students with their dreams to have a successful career. With our one-of-a-kind, student-first approach, we continue to help build awesome careers. We start with understanding the areas of interest and academic background of a candidate. Followed by finding a suitable university and course that lines with student’s interest. We support our students throughout the application, scholarship, loan and VISA journey. Most of the times, study abroad applications comes along with the subject and language proficiency test requirements. Leverage Live, an exclusive online learning platform connects you with learned teachers with years of experience in the test preparation. Engaging online classes, regular mock tests, comprehensive study material, personalized preparation strategies and exclusive doubt clarification are the major highlights of our test preparations.

Role of an Educational Consultant

Here is some quintessential information that will help you understand the main role and responsibilities of an educational consultant:

  • The foremost role of an educational consultant is to develop a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Keeping a student up-to-date of all the plans, road maps, products a particular school offers
  • Understand the emotional aspect of a student apart from behavioural and learning aspects and be supportive
  • Ensuring positive outcomes in a students career
  • Assisting students throughout the journey
  • Collaborating with parents, students as well as community members to come up with educational programs
  • Making effective use of educational theories to work with educational clients
  • Be impartial in the domain and follow the code of conduct and ethics
  • Conducting educational workshops to motivate students for a greater cause.

Benefits of An Educational Consultant

  • Consultants help students explore suitable academic programmes as per your field of interest as well as best universities offering those courses. Moreover, they also guide them in selecting the right course and universities weighing in the costs, scholarships as well as other factors.
  • Once you have selected a course and university, a study abroad consultant will provide you with the key details regarding the admission intakes as well as the eligibility and admission requirements including the fee structure, estimate expenses, etc.
  • They will help you in exploring options for financial aid like educational loans and scholarships and will counsel you regarding the suitability of these options as per your chosen programme.
  • They will also guide you throughout the application process of your chosen course and university and ensure that you submit an impressive application before the admission deadline ends.
  • Study Abroad Consultants have expert knowledge of the visa processes of different countries. They assist students in applying for a visa, prepare for the interview as well as taking care of the submission of required documents and paperwork for the visa application.

We hope this blog helped you in understanding the role of an Educational Counsellor in a student’s life. For those of you who are confused regarding which career pathway to trod on, let Leverage Edu be your helping guide. Book an E-meeting with us and we will help you reach your maximum potential!

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