Canada is Most Popular Nation for Relocation, Google Search Analysis

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According to a recent examination of Google data, Canada is the country that people are looking to move to the most out of more than 50 other nations.

The research, which was released on June 24 by the Australian website Compare the Market, examined relocation-related search phrases entered into search engines worldwide. Out of 50 other countries, some from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America, Canada came out as the most wanted place to relocate.

With 31 countries choosing it as their preferred country, Japan came in second, after Spain (19), China (15), and France (11). The list also contained information on about 20 additional nations.

“According to the report, “Canada is a highly hospitable country for ex-pats, which has led to it becoming quite varied and multicultural.” Additionally, it consistently receives top rankings for issues like civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.”

The research tool Google Ads Keyword Planner was utilised in the analysis by Compare the Market to seek the annual search volumes for the following terms in each nation: “houses in,” “property,” “moving to,” and “relocating to.” The report, however, made no mention of the timing of these searches. Due to uneven results in local languages, searches within the same country were eliminated, and only English-language results were considered for the analysis, according to Compare the Market.

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