Study Abroad: Aiming for Canada? This is the right time to study and settle

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Study Abroad: Students can get skilled worker visa even before their graduation
Invites by 4 provinces: British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island. An opportunity for students pursuing study abroad.

One of the most popular places to study abroad is Canada. The most recent development that has garnered attention in the study abroad sector is that four Canadian provinces have invited interested people to submit provincial immigration applications. Each year, 105,000 PR admissions are made through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The annual number of PNP admissions started in 1998 and has been gradually rising ever since. Both the federal government and the provincial government view it as a useful tool for fostering economic growth outside of urban areas. 

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On November 24 Quebec issued invitations to 998 skilled individuals to submit applications for permanent selection, and an additional 513 on December 1. The time limit for submitting an application and paying processing fees for those who have been asked to apply for permanent selection by Quebec is 60 days.

More than 188 applicants were invited to submit applications for provincial nomination on December 6. 144 of these applicants participated in a focused tech draw. Candidates for the skilled worker and foreign graduate categories, as well as those who qualified through express entry, received invites.

The Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program invited 305 candidates in all. In contrast to skilled employees abroad, who received 43 invites with a minimum score of 673, talented workers in Manitoba received 206 invitations with a minimum score of 775. 56 invitations were sent out by the international education stream without a scoring requirement.

Prince Edward Island: On December 1, a total of 69 applicants were invited via the labour and express entry streams. Prince Edward Island has thus far welcomed 1,721 candidates for the class of 2022.

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Earning a provincial nomination can be useful for obtaining permanent residence in the future, this is fantastic news for all potential applicants who want to study abroad in Canada. 
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