Study Abroad: Students have chosen Australian universities more

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Study Abroad: Students have chosen Australian universities more
International students are choosing different types of Australian universities to fulfil their dream of completing higher education.

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 28,690 students from all over the world have been admitted to Australian universities in October 2022. The number has increased a lot more than in the previous years to study abroad. 

Even though this number might seem large, however, the arrival number of students in Australia is 42% lower than the pre-COVID levels. Catriona Jackson, chief executive of the Australian universities said that even though this rising number is good news for them, there’s still work that needs to be done to return a similar number of international students to the country before the pre-COVID era. 

Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations as international students are capable of boosting the Australian communities, enhancing new skills, developing a social life and growing knowledge of the economy. The Australian government is also revamping the migration rules and regulations to attract talented individuals from all over the world, especially in India. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian education sector used to generate more than $41 billion yearly, making it the third biggest export earner of the country. 

The primary countries of origin from where students arrive in Australia to pursue their study abroad dreams are:

  • China – 150,000 students 
  • India – 92,000 students 
  • Nepal – 53,000 students 
  • Vietnam – 21,000 students 
  • Colombia – 17,000 students 
  • Brazil – 16,000 students 
  • Indonesia – 15,400 students 
  • Thailand – 15,100 students 

Nowadays, Australian states are focusing on attracting more international students who have dreams to study abroad. The government of Western Australia made a new move to announce that they will promote Western Australia as a new study-abroad destination.  

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