AI Movies That You Must Watch Right Now!

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Reimagine the Future with these AI Movies

Good or bad Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely not delusional. Artificial Intelligence films show how this futurist concept has changed more than ever before in our daily lives. You are likely to find a great movie that is inspired by AI technology if you are reading this article! Don’t look anymore, we have researched the right movies for the ones who have a keen interest in AI technology. Let’s see this time what we have for you.

List of Top AI Movies

Here are some of the top Artificial Intelligence movies:

Let us talk about AI movies in further detail so that you know what your preferences are and if the story is according to your taste or not.

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner is a classic anti- utopia movie where bioengineered replicas of humans powered by AI live amongst real humans and the only distinction between them is that they only live for 4 years rather than the normal time span of a human.The IMDB rating is 8.1 and it is one of the top rated movies.

Westworld (1973)

Westworld is a movie about how AI can be used to entertain us and help us to live out our fantasies. It reminds us of the fine line where technology and ethics collide and makes us question ourselves. The IMDB rating is 7.0 and it was the nomination for Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.

2001: Space Odyssey

A supercomputer on a spacecraft heading to Jupiter is in charge of most operations, which leads to horrifying events when it glitches and decides to destroy the world. As it kills off the crew one by one, we are reminded of the dangers of letting AI take control of our world. The IMDB rating of this movie is 8.3 and this movie won Oscars too.

Moon (2009)

GERTY is a computer and companion of Sam Bell, a lone astronaut on the Moon. As his term on the Moon comes to an end, he faces an accident and meets his younger self. The movie’s minimalistic quality in addition to the philosophical and thought-provoking scenes makes it one of the best sci-fi films out there. The IMDB rating of this Movie is 7.2 and won 28 awards.

The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix is where humanity’s fear of superintelligent AI becomes a reality. In “The Matrix”, a simulation of reality created by AI to keep us subdued, Neo meets Morpheus, which sets him free from the simulation and starts a new chapter in his life where he battles the intelligent and begins in the form of secret agents and discovers his true identity. The Matrix gives us a glimpse of the future of the dark side of AI as well as a few life lessons to ponder upon. The IMDB rating of this movie is 8.7 and won 4 oscars.


Wall -E is one of the most amazing animated movies which talks about narrow AI. It is an intelligent system that is very good at doing specific things. We see that in our everyday life today, for example self-driving cars and voice assistants.WALL-E is one of the rare sci-fi films out there that shows the bright side of AI and the good it can bring to the world. The IMDB rating is 8.4 and won an oscar.


Interstellar takes a completely different way to present AI in a sci-fi film. There is an artificially intelligent robot that goes by the name TARS that is assigned to the ship Endurance along with Cooper and his team. TARS is a very talented and unique AI that has skills ranging from piloting to data collection. The IMDB rating of this movie is 8.6 and won an Oscar too.

Star Wars (1977)

The famous droidz duo in Star Wars — The beloved C3-PO and his fellow droid friend R2D2 — are both sentient AI droids that have human-like personalities and are capable of emotions. The interesting thing is that they are treated as pets, or even slaves. The IMDB rating is 8.6 and won 7 oscars.

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