University of Bern

Public University

Bern, Switzerland

Ranked as the third-largest university of the nation, the University of Bern was established in 1834 in the Swiss capital of Bern and is located in the lively district of Länggasse. It offers a vast range of bachelor’s and master’s programs to over 18,000 students in 150 institutions. Facilitating a Read more


Among 150 universities

Highlights of University of Bern

  • The University of Bern is ranked as the third-largest university in Switzerland.
  • It has collaborated with several prestigious universities around the world to provide student exchange programs.
  • The university has been home to the most well-known faculty members which include Albert Einstein in 1908, the Russian philosopher Anna Tumarkin in 1909.
  • The University of Bern also provides career assistance experts to accelerate the placement of their qualified students.
  • Famous Alumni
    Kurt Wuthrich

    Swiss chemist

    John le Carre

    British author

    Walter Benjamin

    German philosopher

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