Islamic Studies

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Islamic Studies

Islam, which was founded almost 1,400 years ago is one of the widely acclaimed and practiced religions in the world. If we comprehend the true meaning of Islam, it means submission. The word “Islam” denotes submission to one God and Muhammad as the last messenger of God. It is believed that Islam originated from Saudi Arabia’s holiest city, Mecca, in the 7th century. However, with the spread of the 2nd largest religion of the world across continents, understanding the complexity and diversity of this field becomes essential to avoid confusion and clash of ideas. This is the reason why a plethora of degree programs are now being offered in religious studies, particularly, Islam. In this blog, we have collated all the quintessential information on Islamic studies, prominent courses, and universities from where you can pursue a program in this domain!

What is Islamic Studies all About? 

Islamic Studies is an interdisciplinary field that provides you with an opportunity to understand various nuances of Islam, the growth of Islamic language and culture, and religious importance from the time of Muhammad till present. Apart from the Islamic Theology and Principles of Jurisprudence, you will also study the Traditions, Criticism, Abrogations, Biographies of Messengers, Islamic Scholars, and institutions in detail. The subset of this field includes Quranic teaching (the holy book of Islam) and exegesis of the book. Its historical perspective and proper recitation are also thoroughly taught in such degree programs.

A wide range of programmes is offered in this branch of Religious studies across the globe. Tabulated below are some of the most opted degree courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels in this field. 

Education Level Courses
Undergradute Level Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies

BA in Arabic and Islamic Studies

BA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (Arabic and Islamic Studies)

BSc/BA Modern and Classical Languages, Literature and Cultures – Arabic and Islamic Studies

BA (Middle East and Islamic Studies)

BA Histories and Cultures of Muslim Societies (Islamic Studies)

Postgraduate Level Graduate Certificate in the Middle East and Islamic Studies

MA/MA (Hons)

MPhil in Islamic Studies and History

MA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (Arabic and Islamic Studies)

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies – American Studies

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies – Hemispheric and Transnational Studies

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies – Gender and Women’s Studies (Thesis)

MSc (by research) / MPhil Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

Master of Arts in Religious Studies – Islamic Studies

Master of Arts in the Middle East and Islamic Studies

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies – Media Studies

Doctorate Level Doctor of Philosophy in Middle Eastern and North African Studies – Islamic Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies – Gender and Women’s Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Arabic and Islamic Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures – Islamic Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity – Islamic Studies
PhD Arab and Islamic Studies

Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies – Islamic Studie

Where Can you Pursue Islamic Studies? 

There are scores of universities across the globe that offer comprehensive degree programs in Islamic studies. Some of them have been listed below:  

Moreover, here are the top colleges to study Islamic studies in India:

Name of College  Location
Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad
Sir Sayyed College of Arts, Commerce and Science Aurangabad
Jamia Hamdard New Delhi
Rajarajan Academy Chennai
Chishtiya College of Arts and Science Aurangabad
Amar Singh College Srinagar
GM Momin Women’s College  Maharashtra
Regional Management College Kerala
Preston International College Chennai
Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi
Osmania University  Hyderabad
Aligarh Muslim University  Aligarh
Aliah University  Kolkata
University of Kashmir  Srinagar

Online Courses

With the world turning towards online classes and courses, there are many Islamic Studies courses available online. Here are some of the top online programs:

Name of Course  Type of Course Name of Institute Duration of Course Fees Per Annum
Muslim Minorities in Global Context M.A, Part-Time  SOAS University of London  2 years 6,718 Euros
(INR 5,93,454)
Biblical and Theological Studies B.A, Full-Time Regent University, USA 4 years 14,106 Euros
(INR 12,46,095)
Religion and Theology  M.Phil, Full-Time  University of Bristol 1 year  21,161 Euros
Certified Expert in Islamic Microfinance Certificate, Part-Time Frankfurt School of Finance and Management  6 months 700 Euros
(INR 61,836)
International Foundation in
Humanities, Law and Social Science- Arabic and Islamic Studies 
Pre-Bachelor, Full-Time The University of Exeter, UK 9 months  22,946 Euros
(INR 20,27,003)
The Middle East in Global Politics
– Islam, Conflict and Development
– Masters Foundation Program 
Pre-Master, Full-Time ONCAMPUS, UK 6 months  19,582 Euros
(INR 17,29,834)


Some of the most popular books on Islamic Studies are:

  • The Quran and the Bible – Authored by Ali Quli Qarai
  • Women and Gender in Islam – Authored by Kecia Ali
  • Iran: A Modern History – Authored by Abbas Amanat
  • Islamism: A History of Political Exam From the Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of ISIS – Authored by Tarek Osman
  • Islam: A Thousand Years of Faith and Power – Authored by Jonathan Bloom
  • An Introduction to Shi’i Islam – Authored by Moojan Momin
  • Islamic Imperialism: A History – Authored by Efraim Karsh

Career Prospects 

Being a multidisciplinary discipline of contemporary times, pursuing a course in Islamic studies offers innumerable opportunities across various sectors. Enlisted are some of the job profiles you can work in:  

  • Professor/Lecturer
  • Business Consultant
  • Administrator
  • Translator
  • Researcher
  • Information Systems Officer
  • Lawyer (Islamic)

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