Detailed Guide On Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai In 2024

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civil engineer salary in dubai

Dubai’s stunning projects and very ambitious culture for development make it the correct location to work as a civil engineer. The country is known for one of the best work-life balances and a peaceful environment which is perfect for a very peaceful work life. The country is all arms for skilled professionals in the industry and has wealth opportunities. Let’s know about how the pay is in the profession through this blog which explains the details about the Civil engineer salary in Dubai.


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Average Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai

Civil engineers in Dubai are earning a whooping salary amount. The career is highly rewarding in the matter of finances. For example, on average, a civil engineer in Dubai earns an annual income of 239,300 AED which is a very good amount of the salary. 

Average highest annual salary 378,800 AED
Average lowest annual salary117,520 AED

The average can be understood if monthly pay is considered. The monthly income of a civil engineer in Dubai is 19,941 AED,

Average highest monthly salary31,566 AED
Average lowest monthly salary 9,793 AED

The salary can also vary from the average range that is given above considering several other factors like educational qualification and experience factor.

Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai Based On Level Of Experience

The salary of a Civil engineer is dependent on several factors, one major of which is the level of experience. The exhibition of the skills is what shows if the employee is good for the position or not and those skills are nurtured over years of experience. Let’s say you are experienced with 2 to 5 years in the field so you can easily expect to earn 42% of a higher salary. The image given below gives the salary of employees with different experience levels.

civil engineer salary in dubai

Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai Based On Level Of Education

Highly educated employees are not only prioritized but also paid better pay. The level of knowledge of individuals improves with the level of education. Qualification gives you the authority to gain a better salary package. In the role of civil engineer in Dubai, the average pay for a bachelor-qualified employee is 43% lower compared to an employee with a master’s degree.

Educational Qualification Average Salary Per Year
Bachelor’s degree212,500 AED
Master’s degree305,600 AED

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Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai In Different Sectors

The public and private sectors of the country Dubai show a slight difference in the average pay of the employee’s salary in almost all the departments. The average salary difference that is observed in both sectors is 5%. Public sector employees are at an advantage of a 5% higher average salary.

Sector Average Salary Per Year
Private sector 228,500 AED
Public sector 239,300 AED

Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai In Different Cities

There are several different cities in Dubai. A lot of those cities have differences in average pay for the same profession. Some pay a higher average salary and some pay a lower average salary. To know which country pays higher, refer to the following image with different cities and the average salaries paid in them.

civil engineer salary in dubai

Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai Compared To Different Professions

The salary paid in the job of a civil engineer is exciting but to know if it is worth the work let’s compare the salary to several other professions from the same industry. The following table contains the list of several professions and the average salary paid for reference. 

Profession Average Salary Per Year
Assembler 67,320 AED
Building contracts manager 345,100 AED
Concreter 60,460 AED
Construction estimator 136,100 AED
Construction project manager 383,300 AED
Construction Supervisor225,700 AED
Construction technician 70,600 AED
Electrical supervisor 161,600 AED
Field Inspector 129,000 AED
Health and safety officer 105,620 AED
Warehouse manager 243,000 AED

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How good are the increment rates in the profession of a civil engineer?

The rate of increment in civil engineering is not very high right now, the average pay raise that you can expect in the country is 6%. However, you can get a higher amount with your hard work and consistently good performance.

Do males and females earn different salaries in Dubai as civil engineers?

The females in the profession of civil engineering in Dubai earn a salary 6% lower than the men in the same profession. The difference is looked over to be removed and betterments are being made.

Is it good to be a civil engineer in Dubai?

Being a civil engineer in Dubai is very worthwhile as the job provides the employees with rewards, career growth, and comfortable life and a wide range of opportunities that help the employees have an overall development.

We hope the blog above about the Civil engineer salary in Dubai was able to give you detailed information about the topic. If you want to read more such informative blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and if you are planning to study abroad follow Leverage Edu and fast-track your study abroad journey. 

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