Guide To Information Security Analyst Salary In Canada For The Year 2024

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Information Security Analyst Salary In Canada

Canada has faced serious cyber threats in the last few years which has led to increased demand in all the security fields. The country is developing and building a very strong foundation and welcomes experienced and highly skilled individuals from all parts of the world. It is a really good choice if you are planning to pursue your career as an Information security analyst in Canada. The opportunities are numerous as well as the competition and requirements. Apart from that let us take an insight into the Information security analyst salary in Canada and see if the path you are planning to take is rewarding or not. 


Average Information Security Analyst In Canada 

The average salary is the depiction of how good can a person expect to earn in a field. However the salary can vary from the average as education, experience and many other factors come into play. Looking into the average salary of the information security analyst it can be concluded that the pay is quite rewarding and worthy. On average an information security analyst earns 118,900 CAD per year. If the average is to be seen from the higher and lower factors then the higher salary is 180,500 CAD and the lowest average information security analyst salary in Canada is 63,200 CAD a year. 

The following are the monthly average salary factors:

The average monthly salary of an information security analyst is 9,908 CAD

The average highest monthly information security analyst is 15,041 CAD

The average lowest monthly information security analyst is 5,266 CAD

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Information Security Analyst In Canada Based On Experience

The country as discussed is facing security challenges and hence it is very expected that the requirements are mostly for experienced individuals. The experienced employees have higher knowledge and practical skills that help build a very strong foundation for the company hired. It is not as if the inexperienced individuals have no scope in the country. There are openings for every level of the individual but the opportunities for experienced individuals are high. An individual with just 2 to five years of extra experience in the field can earn a 26% higher salary comparatively. 

Information Security Analyst Salary In Canada

Information Security Analyst In Canada Based On Education

Education level plays a very crucial role in the determination of the salary. The country welcomes individuals with all levels of educational qualification that fit the criteria but the pay does increase with the level of education. A high level of education nurtures individuals with very good skills and knowledge development. The individuals with a master’s degree earn 37% higher compared to the individuals with a bachelor’s degree in Canada as an information security analyst. 

Education Average Salary 
Diploma 95,100 CAD
Bachelor’s degree 123,800 CAD
Master’s degree  171,300 CAD

Information Security Analyst In Canada In Different Sectors 

The need for the job role of information security analyst has risen in both the sectors of the country i.e. the government and the private sector. But there is always a slight difference seen in the pay of both the sectors. The average salary paid in the government sector is higher compared to the salary paid in the public sector. The difference that is observed of 6%.

Sector Average Salary
Government sector 123,000 CAD
Private sector 115,600 CAD

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Information Security Analyst In Canada In Different Cities

The country is divided into different cities and each city follows the rules of its own. Similar goes for when it comes to salary. The salaries of all the professions differ in each city of the same country. Some cities come in highly paid brackets whereas some come in very low-paying brackets. To find out which are best-paid cities, let’s compare the cities and the average salary in them and find the difference.

Information Security Analyst Salary In Canada

Information Security Analyst In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

It would be even better if a comparison were made in different professions. A very clear picture would be polished out about the salary of an information security analyst. The table below contains a list of many other different professions that lie in the same industry and the average salary is considered for comparison to the average salary of an information security analyst. Refer to the table for the comparison:

Profession Average Salary 
Application support 82,200 CAD
Applications Engineer 97,600 CAD
Blockchain associate 115,600 CAD
Business engineer analyst 130,500 CAD
Client delivery manager 152,700 CAD
CMS Developer 93,300 CAD
Computer animator 107,30  CAD
Cyber security researcher 137,100 CAD
Data Architect 114,900 CAD
Data analyst 114,900 CAD
Data technician 67,600 CAD

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Is it worth being an information security analyst in Canada?

The country Canada has a lot of open opportunities for information security analysts as the country has faced a lot of cyber threats in the last few years. The main goal of the company has become to build a strong foundation and hence this raises the need for skilled and educated information security analysts. The opportunities not only open the door to the experience but give you an insight into the widespread steam of the industry and let you explore and thrive in the industry.

Who earns a higher salary as an information security analyst, male or female?

The salary of females as information security analysts is lower compared to the males in the industry. Despite the work being the same and the other reward being the same, this factor of salary still suffers a backward stigma. The difference is only 3% but efforts are being made to make this difference 0 as soon as possible. 

What is the average pay raise that can be expected in the job of an information security analyst? 

The pay raise is completely dependent on the individual’s efforts in the growth and hard work that has been put in towards the company. However on average, if calculated, you can expect to earn a 9% increment every 12 months as an information security analyst.

These were the thorough details about the Information Security Analyst Salary in Canada. To read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. you can provide your views or doubts in the comment section below. 

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