University of Montreal Scholarships: A Complete Guide for Indian and International Students with Scholarship Dreams

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University of Montreal Scholarships

Founded in 1878, the University of Montreal is a French-language University located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The University of Montreal also referred to as UdeM is a public research university offering education to students from different countries. It also provides financial assistance to international candidates seeking admission to undergraduate and graduate courses. If you are also interested in studying at the University of Montreal and seeking information about the scholarships then, you landed on the right page. This blog will provide complete information about the University of Montreal Scholarships!

Name of the UniversityUniversity of Montreal
Founded on1878
LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada
ScholarshipMerit-based, and College-specific
Application Deadline1 February 2024

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List of University of Montreal Scholarships 2024

The University of Montreal offers many scholarships to Canadian, non-Canadian, and international students. The scholarships are offered based on merit and the academic transcripts provided by the students at the time of application. If any student does not qualify for the basic requirements then, they are exempted from the financial aid provided by the University.

Take a look at the list given below to learn about the University of Montreal Scholarships:

  1. At DIRO (Department of Computer Science and Operation Research) 
    Mentioned below are the different types of financial aid offered in this department:
  • Complete Master’s Financial Aid: For Master’s Level- $9,000, and for Doctoral Level- $12,000-$15,000
  • Faculty of Art and Science Scholarship: There are two scholarships under this faculty or department at the University of Montreal: 
  • Alma Master’s Scholarship- $5,000
  • George’s Baril Scholarship-$4,000
  • Teaching assistants of Master’s and doctoral programmes can get $2,000 a term for 3 hours.

2. Scholarship at the Faculty of Art and Science

3. Scholarship at Études supérieures et postdoctorales

There are 4 scholarships under this department:

  • Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship for International Students
  • Master’s Scholarship for non-resident Canadian students
  • Scholarships for International students
  • Scholarships for the end of studies.
  1. Scholarship for MITACS’ Internship

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University of Montreal Undergraduate Scholarships

Here is the undergraduate scholarship amount offered at UdeM at Levels A and B:

Level A13,340.40 CAD/ year or 6,670 CAD/ semester or 444.68 CAD/credit
Level B6,357.60 CAD/ year or 3,178.80 CAD/ semester or 211.92 CAD/credit

University of Montreal Graduate Scholarships

The UdeM offers various graduate courses in multiple disciplines, and international and Canadian students can get scholarships for particular courses as they enroll in master’s programs:

Type of DegreeAmount of Scholarship
Non-Research10,474.65 CAD/ year or 3,491.55 CAD/ semester or 232.77 CAD/credit
Research10,347.75 CAD/ year or 3,449.25 CAD/ semester or 229.95 CAD/credit
Doctoral22,241.25 CAD/ year or 7,413.75 CAD/ semester or 494.25 CAD/credit

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for international and Canadian candidates vary a bit. The following are the general eligibility criteria for applying for scholarships at the University of Montreal:

  • The applicant must satisfy all the admission requirements and enroll in a particular course.
  • Must have been admitted to UG, PG, or full-time PhD course.
  • International students must possess a Canadian student Visa.

Application Process

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to receive the scholarship at the University of Montreal:

  • Apply for admission
  • Follow up on the application and get an offer letter from the University
  • Accept the offer letter and wait for the evaluation process
  • Finally, if all your documents are evaluated successfully, you will receive the notice of award with the specified amount from the University.

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Q1. Does the University of Montreal offer scholarships?

A1. Yes, the University of Montreal offers scholarships for international students. It provides financial aid in the form of tuition fee waivers, bursaries, discounts, and scholarships to help you manage the living expenses and existing tuition costs.

Q2. Does the University of Montreal offer scholarships to International students?

A2. The University of Montreal offers exemption scholarships to support talents from different parts of the world. This scholarship scheme provides help for undergraduate, graduate-masters, PhD programs.

Q3. What is the Montreal University Scholarship for 2024?

A3. The Montreal University is one of the most prestigious Universities in Canada. It offers scholarships for graduate and undergraduate programmes worth $27,300 per year.

Q4. How to apply for a 100% scholarship in Canada?

A4. You must research the University offering 100% scholarship in Canada. Fulfill the basic eligibility such as Language proficiency test, entrance test, and other formalities. Then, apply at the official website with all the necessary documents.

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