Know the UK Student Visa Processing Time in 2024

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UK Student Visa Processing Time

Students who are planning to study in the UK must apply for a student visa well in advance before enrolling in their study program. To avoid delays in student visa processing time the candidates must submit the complete application form with appropriate documents, etc. However, to gain more information about the types of UK student visa processing time, its processing time, eligibility criteria, reasons for delay in processing time, factors affecting delay, and lastly, the tips to avoid delay in processing time.


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What is the UK Student Visa Processing Time?

It is the amount of time taken by the UK consulates to process the visa application. Candidates can apply for the UK visa only if they are above 16 years of age, have been offered a course by a licensed sponsor, have sufficient funds in their bank account to support themselves in the UK, and can speak, read, and write in English.

CategoryProcessing time
Student3 weeks
Child Student3 weeks
Short-term student (6 to 11-month English language courses)3 weeks
UK Student Visa Processing Time

Eligibility Criteria for UK Student Visa

Check below the eligibility criteria for a UK student visa:

  • The candidate must have a valid offer from a recognized institute in the UK 
  • The students are required to provide a unique reference number to apply for the visa
  • They are required to provide proof of sufficient funds in their bank account to support themselves in the UK 
  • They must also qualify for an English language test

When does the UK Student Visa Application Processing Time start?

The UKVI starts the application process for the students once they have:

  • Verified the identity, submitted the documents, and applied online 
  • Attended the appointment of visa at the Visa Application Centre to provide the photographs and fingerprints

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Reasons for Delay in Processing Time of UK Student Visa

Check below the reasons for the delay in UK student visa processing time:

  • The information provided in the application form is incorrect or needs further consideration
  • The candidates are required to provide further evidence of funds 
  • The supporting documents are required to be verified
  • They are required to attend an interview
  • More information is required on personal circumstances 
  • There are many number of applications with UKVI

Factors Affecting Processing Time of UK Student Visa

Check below the factors affecting UK student visa processing time:

  • Completeness of Application: If the application is complete and all the necessary documents are submitted then delays can be avoided. 
  • Peak Seasons: Periods such as during holidays, can result in the delay of a UK visa as the number of applications is much higher during this period. 
  • Workload at Consulates: Processing times are also affected by the consulate workload. Sometimes some locations experience delays in visa processing due to a high number of applications. 

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Tips to Avoid Delay in Processing Time of Student Visa UK

Check below the tips to avoid delay in UK visa processing time:

  • The candidates must submit a complete application form with all the documents arranged clearly and logically.
  • The individuals must try to book an early appointment to avoid last-minute delays. 
  • Ensure that the information provided is accurate and consistent to avoid any delays in processing. 
  • The individuals must ensure to pay the correct application fees for the processing of a UK student visa failing to do so might result in delay or rejection.


What are the processing times for different study visas?

There are three different types of study visas such as student, child student, and short-term student (6 to 11-month English language courses), and their processing times are approximately 3 weeks. 

Why does the UK student visa process get delayed?

The student visa process in the UK might get delayed in case of the increased number of applications with UKVI, submission of incomplete documents, etc.

What to do in case the visa gets delayed?

In case the visa gets delayed the candidates are required to contact the embassy or consulate to enquire about the visa status. 

We hope you now understand the UK student visa processing time. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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