Understanding Western Sydney University Visa Success Rate: A Comprehensive Guide

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western sydney university visa success rate

Western Sydney University is a world-class university and has a great name and standards among other famous universities around the world it is an Australian multi-campus public research university. The exposure which students get here is of a world-class level with standardised education. These are the things that attract students from all over the world.


In this article, we will learn about the Western Sydney University Visa success rate and many other aspects related to it.

Western Sydney University Visa Success Rate

Refer to the below-given paragraph to learn about the  Western Sydney University Visa success rate-

western sydney university visa success rate

As per the global ranking partner The University Ranking  Western Sydney University’s ranking is 201-250 globally and has been maintaining its name for providing quality education it is very competitive to get admission there The Western Sydney University’s success rate is 30 per cent which depicts that only thirty applicants get admission to this university annually.

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Eligibility Criteria For the Western Sydney University Visa

The points given below clearly mention the eligibility criteria for the Western Sydney University Visa-

  • High School completion proof will be needed.
  • Post-graduation or graduation degree will be needed.
  • English Language Proficiency proof will be required and this can be proven by showing IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
  • A work experience letter will be required for previous experience.
  • Generally, students must be 17 years old at least at the time of applying for the Western Sydney University Visa.
  • Students must fulfil the criteria as per the course selected by the student.

How to Improve Western Sydney University Visa Success Rate?

After learning about the  Western Sydney University Visa success rate. here are some points which define how to improve the Western Sydney University Visa success rate.

Hire Agent

Knowing all the rules of a visa is quite difficult and in this case, filling Western Sydney University visa form by yourself increases the chances of mistakes in the visa application so it is a good option to hire a Migration Agent to fill your form and guide you.

Course Selection

Sometimes students choose a course which doesn’t match their educational background. So it is advised to choose a course which is relevant to your educational background and after going through the financial, health and future aspects.

Statement Of Purpose

The applicant has to write an SOP (Statement Of Purpose) and must mention his/her purpose of visiting Sydney. The SOP plays an important role in your visa approval so a good amount of concentration is required to write it down with a proofread by your legal agent.


The brighter students get admission quickly and easily as compared to students who do not have a good academic record so, if you are good in academics better will be the chance to get your visa.


All applicants are required to collect all the documents before applying for the visa and check all the documents before taking a step ahead and uploading all their documents in the required format.

Fund Balance

All of the applicants are required to show the required fund balance in the bank account to convince an immigration officer that they have enough funds to survive in Sydney. Time having an insufficient balance in the bank account leads to visa rejection.

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Western Sydney University Visa Processing Time

Read about  Western Sydney University visa processing time-

Students who are admiring to study in Sydney and want to apply for the Western Sydney University Visa are advised to start their application process earlier as soon as possible to avoid any delay due to the error. It can take several months to get your visa application processed. This is why it becomes necessary to start your application procedure as soon as your offer gets accepted and you receive a confirmation of enrolment from Western Sydney University.

western sydney university visa success rate

How to Reapply for a Western Sydney University Visa After Rejection?

After learning about the Western Sydney University Visa success rate and many other aspects related to it, here are some points given below which define how you can reapply for a Western Sydney University Visa after rejection-

Reasons Of Rejection

Before going to reapply for the Western Sydney University Visa applicants must read and understand in a detailed manner what were the loopholes in their application due to which the application was rejected and this will help you to work on your loopholes efficiently.

Statement Of Purpose

After the first rejection of the application student when rewriting the Statement Of Purpose for the second time must write it carefully and transparently mention the reason behind the selection of the particular course with academic certificates and a previous work experience letter. 

Gather The Documents

Applicants are required to gather all their documents in the required format and take care that they do not miss any this time. Applicants can make a list of required documents prior and check out all their documents accordingly.

Professional Advice 

If at any stage of your visa application, the applicant feels confused and doesn’t have any clue on what to do next should go for professional advice as it is difficult to know all the things about the visa in a detailed manner within a limited period no matter how intelligent you are.

Apply Again

The applicant now make an ImmiAccount on the website https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/applying-online-or-on-paper/online

And fill out the application form accurately along with it. The applicant has to submit the required documents and pay the fee for the application.

Monitor Account

Applicants can monitor Immiaccount for updates and can submit whatever requirements are asked by the officer.

Prepare For The Interview

Applicant should prepare well for the interview with the officer where he/she will be asked about 

The study plans are tied to the home country etc.

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Is Western Sydney University good for international students?

 Western Sydney University is ranked among the top 250 universities globally and is well known for the education it has been providing for many years. Western Sydney University is a top priority for those who admire studying abroad because of its promising high quality of education which it provides consistently.

Can I get the visa after 2 rejections?

Yes, you can apply for the visa again but after two attempts it becomes difficult to convince authorities because they only allow those who do not have any sort of allegations or bad history to save their country from any type of threat.

What are the two types of refusal?

There are two types of refusals one is an indirect strategy in which you get refusal more subtly and the other one is a direct refusal strategy in which the applicant is refused by stating a direct “NO”.

What is the most common visa rejection?

Most of the visas get rejected because the applicant doesn’t explain the intention of travelling to the immigration officer properly There are more reasons such as Incorrect information in the application form, insufficient documents, having a criminal history etc.

Here we have completed our article which was about the Western Sydney University Visa success rate, to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you just need to stay connected with Leverage Edu’s page.

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