Top 7 Trending Internships Abroad in 2024

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trending internships abroad in 2024

An internship is an essential component of any student’s career path;  they are the first step towards understanding one’s place in the business world. Students can learn about the workings of the industry of their choice and explore their interests, work styles, and talents through internships. An amazing approach to strengthen your resume, expand your professional global network, acquire international real-world experience, and create lifelong skills is through trending internships abroad. 

If you want to enrol yourself in a summer internship abroad, this is the right time to enrol yourself to increase your maximum possibilities. Start your research here and be on your way to an exciting, valuable, and trending internships abroad in 2024!

You can also read about the internship program in the United Kingdom for international students.

You are on the right page if you have any questions about what an internship is good for. Here we have introduced a wide range of summer internship abroad programs in 2024 that will help you explore and enhance your knowledge.

Research in Industrial Projects 2024

The RIPS program is open to undergraduates studying computer science, mathematics, and related subjects. At the end of the program, each student team will present the results of their research on problem-solving. This program’s participants will stay on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles. Most of the tasks involve math, data, statistics, and computation. The students will be given about nine assignments to complete.

DeadlineFebruary 5th, 2024. 
Internship Stipend Along with a $4,200 stipend, the internship will pay for travel, housing on the UCLA campus, and meals.
Duration 9 weeks.
Host Country United States 

The Summer Internship Program

The University of Oxford offers a summer internship program. All matriculated and current Oxford students are eligible for the program, regardless of their nationality. Depending on the student’s preferences, the internships may be conducted remotely or in person. These are a variety of internships that Oxford University students are offered by NGOs or research centres.

DeadlineMonday, 15 January 2024
Internship Stipend The internship can include a stipend in addition to help with travel and lodging.
Duration Internships range in length from two to twelve weeks.
Host Country United Kingdom 

OECD Internship program

Credit: OECD

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, is a global organization that offers full-time student internships in areas relevant to the organization. It should be possible for the pupils to operate in a global setting. A strong grasp of either French or English is required of students applying for the OECD internship.

DeadlineApplications for the internship are accepted at any time of the year.
Internship Stipend Up to 1000 Euros provided per month
Duration 1 to 6 months
Host Country Paris, France

Looking for internship opportunities in Germany? Check out the internships available in Germany for international students. 

UK Travel Awards

The purpose of the UK travel grant is to bring Indian scholars to the UK for conferences and idea-sharing. Candidates must tour UK colleges and work with them to share ideas. The visiting students will be required to provide a report on their research after the grant.

Deadline15th of February.
Internship Stipend The award covers airfare and living expenses in the UK. (A maximum of £1,000)
Duration Typically, the trips last anywhere from one week to one month.
Host Country United Kingdom 

Humboldt Research Fellowships

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for Postdoctoral Researchers is offering the scholarship. All backgrounds of scientists or scholars are eligible to apply for the fellowship. Up to 24 months may be spent in Germany while receiving the fellowship.

DeadlineThe Humboldt Research Fellowship is available all year long, and applications are accepted at any time.
Internship Stipend A stipend of 2,670 Euros per month plus research expenses is provided.
Duration The fellowship may run for six to twenty-four months.
Host Country Germany 

Prague Summer Global Internship  

Prague is currently the third-wealthiest region in the European Union, a shining example of post-communist Eastern and Central Europe with a burgeoning startup scene, international corporations, a strong arts industry, and charity organisations. A multicultural experience awaits you during an international internship in Prague.

DeadlineJun 17 – Aug 10, 2024
Internship Stipend $7,450
Eligibility 2.5 Overall GPA
Duration 8 weeks
Host Country Prague, Czech Republic 

Singapore Summer Global Internship 

Singapore, regarded as a city-state, is very remarkable. With a long history of global trade and an economy that is expanding quickly, Singapore’s advances in technology, finance, sustainability, medicines, and tourism will provide you with a wealth of useful knowledge. Travelling across Singapore for your foreign internship is going to be an amazing experience. Discover the city’s cutting-edge architecture, and lush green areas, visit the renowned Singapore Zoo and Cloud Forest, take in the local cuisine and art scene, and much more.  

DeadlineJun 17 – Aug 10, 2024
Internship Stipend $7,450
Eligibility 2.5 Overall GPA
Duration 8 weeks  
Host Country Singapore 

Check out the details you need to know about internships abroad.


Q1: What are the Top 7 Summer Internships Abroad

Ans: Here is the list of the Top 7 Summer Internships Abroad
Berlin Summer Global Internship.
Singapore Summer Global Internship.
London Summer Global Internship.
Barcelona Summer Global Internship.
Cape Town Summer Global Internship.
Prague Summer Global Internship.
Shanghai Summer Global Internship.

Q2: Can you do a summer internship abroad?

Ans: You can search for and apply to internships abroad online. Job search websites like LinkedIn or Indeed are a good way to cast a wide net. You may also want to look at the career pages of companies you like. While interning for a big multinational corporation might be your dream, there will also be more competition.

Q3: What are the best months to apply for summer internships?

Ans: Thus, plan to apply in January if you are interested in a summer internship. Accordingly, you ought to begin pinpointing your dream industry and employers in November so that you may work on creating your application and supporting documents in December.

This is all about the top 7 Trending Internships Abroad in 2024. For more such blogs on internships, follow Leverage Edu.

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