Top Theatre Courses That Can Transform Your Skills

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Are you someone who likes the spotlight and wants to be the star of the show at every event? If so, why not pursue your dreams by opting for the top theatre courses in the world? Whether you are a budding actor or a seasoned professional who wants to enhance your skills and knowledge in this field, this course can be the golden ticket. In this blog, we will explore what this course is all about, why you study this, the scope of theatre courses, and exciting job opportunities. So, let us get started with unraveling the interesting details.

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Why Pursue Theatre Courses?

If you want to pursue a career in arts or theatre, an accredited degree can be the golden ticket to your success. But is there truly any benefit? Here are a few reasons that can help you make up your mind:

  • A theatre degree or course helps students to be a part of amazing performing opportunities. They can leave an indelible mark on auspicious occasions and festivals.
  • Such courses allow students to explore the world from different creative perspectives. 
  • Students get to learn how to express and share their vision in a unique way by using different techniques, characters, emotions, and stories.  
  • A degree in theatre equips students with different essential skills such as public speaking, non-verbal communication, and articulation.
  • A theatre course can further lead to lucrative careers in different fields such as teaching, arts administration, acting, directing, writing, and production.  
  • It can also help students to explore different cultures by being a part of plays and studying historical periods. 

Top Universities to Study Theatre Courses

If you are planning to pursue your interest in acting by opting for a theatre course, then here are a few top universities and courses to consider.

Name of the University QS RankName of the Course Approx Annual Fee
Northumbria University 548Foundation Year Film, Media, Theatre and Performance BA (Hons)£17,500 – £21,500
Northumbria University 548MA Theatre and Performance£6,750 – £22,000
De Montfort University801 – 850Drama and Theatre Arts BA (Hons)£15,250 – £23,700
University of Plymouth561Acting BA (Hons)£13,300 – £19,100
University of the Arts London101-120BA (Hons) Creative Technical Theatre£10,250 – £20,950
University of Reading169Art and Theatre BA (Hons)£13,300 – £23,500
University of the West of England741 – 750BA(Hons) Drama and Acting £13,250  – £20,651
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleNABachelor of Science, Theater and Dance$31,440 – $40,948
University of Nevada, Las Vegas2Master of Arts – Theatre$24,255 – $31,855
Saint Louis University901 – 950Theatre, B.A.$45,260 – $55,231
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University301 0 350Bachelor of Science in Theatre$11,531 – $7,680

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Eligibility Criteria 

The eligibility to pursue a theatre course can differ according to the country, university, course, and level of study selected by the student. Here are a few general eligibility requirements to give you a better understanding of the same. 


  • Students must have scored 50-55% marks in their high school education.
  • Applicants are required to clear English Proficiency Test with the required marks (depending on the university)


  • Students must have completed their senior secondary education with at least 50-55% marks.
  • Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in the same field of study.
  • Candidates must also clear the English Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo)

Documents Required

To secure a spot in your favorite university and theatre course, you will have to submit a few essential documents such as:

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Application Process

The application process differs depending on the country and university shortlisted. To give you an idea of the same, here is what the process looks like:

1. Students need to first collect all the above-mentioned and other required documents such as academic transcripts, proof of English Proficiency Tests, and GMAT/GRE (if required).

2. Next, students are required to create a Statement of Purpose (SOP) along with a  Letter of Recommendation (LOR). It is important to remember that the format might differ from university to university. 

3. Now, register on the website. Students are advised to enter their personal and academic details as mentioned in their official records.

4. Upload all the required documents mentioned on the website.

5. Pay the application fee to proceed.

Scope after Pursuing Theatre Courses

With a diverse range of career opportunities, the scope of theatre courses is truly exciting and diverse. These courses open doors to different career opportunities ranging from acting, and scripting, to directing. Most importantly, it equips students with the relevant skills to be the best at what they do. For instance, students get a confidence boost along with enhanced public speaking, communication, event management, and other essential skills.

Job Opportunities 

Graduates with a theatre course degree in their hands can explore careers in different fields such as:

  • Actor
  • Dancer
  • Stage manager
  • Theatre director
  • Arts administrator
  • Production manager


What is the best theatre academy in the world?

There are numerous top-notch theatre academies in the world, renowned for their experienced faculty and diverse study options. Some of these are the Julliard School, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Yale University School of Drama, and Tisch School of the Arts. Students can go for any of these or other academies, depending on their individual interests. 

What is the study of theatre called?

The study of theatre is called Theatre Studies, also referred to as theatrology or dramatics. 

Where do most actors study?

Many popular actors had their formal acting training at places such as HD Studio, Yale University, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

We hope you got to know all the important details about the top theatre courses. If you have any more queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments below. For further help, our expert team at Leverage Edu is available to assist you. Drop us a call at 1800572000 today to get an absolutely free counseling session!

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