Study Abroad News Wrap (7th -12th May)

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Study abroad news wrap

Hello reader, we are back again with our weekly news Wrap. We will provide a round-up of the study abroad news from around the world. This week also we will cover the most important developments and events related to studying abroad. So, we will give you a concise overview of the week’s news.

Not only will this news wrap series keeps you updated but also you will get to know new opportunities, visa news and scholarship opportunities available across the globe. 

Visa News

We have curated the latest visa news from around the world. Check out the visa news updates in this section.

Study Abroad News Wrap (7th -12th April)

US Student Visa Interviews are to be Increased by 30%

The appointments for the US Student Visa will increase by 30% by June 2023. The increase in US Student Visa applications of almost 5,00,000 are processed, for Indian Students.

China Continues to Improve its Entrance and Exit Regulations

Chinese mainland residents or foreigners can easily submit their application for a permit for Hong Kong and Macau. It is possible for any exit-entry service bureaus across the country.

Australia Examines its Student Visa Policy to Curb Abuse and Draw in Skilled Immigrants

By tightening the requirements for admission, the Australian government is addressing the misuse of international student visas. The action intends to stop people from using student visas to attain permanent residency. Click here to read the news update.

Labour’s 2023 Federal Budget Outlines Changes to Australian Migration

Australia’s 2023 Federal Budget has outlined changes to the country’s migration policy. The changes include plans to tighten enrolment requirements for international students. The news update

Accommodation News

Accommodation is a must if you are planning to study in a foreign land. Check out the latest news update related to student accommodation across the world.

Study Abroad News Wrap (7th -12th April)

Myrtle Beach City Council Gives Green Light for New J1 Student Housing Complex

J1 students will soon have their housing complex after Myrtle Beach City Council gives its approval. The residence will have all amenities. Myrtle Beach City Council on Tuesday voted for the final reading to approve the request to rezone about eight acres of land.

Accommodation for 1000 International Students in Myrtle Beach, USA

Myrtle Beach City Council in South Carolina has approved the establishment of International Student Accommodation. The project started on May 9, 2023. Furthermore, the first phase of the accommodation will begin in 2025.

New Action Plan Comes into Place for In-Demand Jobs in Canada

Canadian provinces will create more than one million jobs over the next decade. Moreover, several local government news reports are already proposing plans to address this labour shortage. The government is coming up with New Action Plans.

Scholarship News

Now, moving on to one of the most essential sections of our news wrap. Here we have curated scholarship news updates for you, so you don’t miss on anything.

Study Abroad News Wrap (7th -12th April)

The University of Strathclyde is Offering 285 Scholarships to Postgraduate Students 

The University of Strathclyde is offering 285 scholarships worth £2,500 to £5,000 to postgraduate students. So, the scholarship will be provided for 1 year and is available for the academic session 2023-24.

The Australian Organics Recycling Association is Offering a $3000 Scholarship to Young Professionals to Attend the AORA 2023 Annual Conference

The scholarship recipient must attend the annual conference, write an article, and mentor any future conference scholarship recipients. Furthermore, the scholarship application deadline is 22nd May 2023.

Other News

Now, last but not least, let’s check out other important news updates related to studying abroad in this section.

Fly Finance and UBISL Partner to Offer Education Loans  for Abroad Studies

Fly Finance, (the financial service platform of Leverage Edu) has partnered with Union Bank of India Services Limited(UBISL) to offer special education loan schemes for Indian nationals.

Indiana Creates Budget for Advanced Course Exams for Cambridge International

Indiana Government has taken steps to sign HEA1001. This will provide access to USD 5.6 million in funding for the students. So that they can leverage the benefits of advanced coursework exams, including the Cambridge Advance program.

Australian Federal Budget 2023; Considerations for Overseas Students

The Australian government unveiled the new federal budget for 2023–2024 last night, May 9, 2023. Also, there is a lot to absorb, including updates to skilled visas and the cost-of-living crisis, so that’s where we come in.

The University of Pennsylvania Received a Donation of USD 10 Million to Aid International Undergraduate Students

The University of Pennsylvania has received a donation of USD 10 million so that it can help international undergraduate students.

International Business Majors are the First at Saint Louis University to Fulfil the Initiative of Sending Business Books Abroad

Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business students will become the first academic institution. In the country to send books as part of the 39 Country Initiative with this shipment. The shipment from Saint Louis University was also the first before the COVID-19 pandemic began. So, to read the full article click here.

So, this week’s news wrap series highlighted some significant updates related to studying abroad. Stay tuned for more updates next week on our news recap series. To discover more news updates like this one, visit Leverage Edu.

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