Study Abroad: Delhi Education Minister Explores Collaboration with UCL to Revolutionize MCD Schools

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Delhi Education Minister explores collaboration with University College London to transform the Municipal Corporation of Delhi schools.

In a significant development, Delhi Education Minister Atishi has embarked on a visit to the United Kingdom, aiming to establish a partnership with University College London (UCL). The visit was made to revolutionize the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools. 


This collaboration seeks to introduce world-class pedagogical and educational practices to enhance the standard of education in the national capital.

Atishi’s visit to UCL primarily focused on discussing potential partnerships, particularly in capacity-building training for MCD teachers and school administrators.

Recognizing UCL’s prestigious Faculty of Education and Society as a leading centre for education and social science research, teaching, and engagement, Atishi aims to harness the benefits of training MCD teachers at UCL. This is to ensure the holistic development of students during their formative years.

Study Abroad: Delhi Education Minister Explores Collaboration with UCL to Revolutionize MCD Schools
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The Delhi government has long prioritized education and now extends its focus to MCD schools, aiming to transform these institutions into exceptional educational establishments. This commitment has prompted the government to actively strengthen international collaborations. The government will send over 1100 teachers and principals from Delhi government schools to prestigious educational institutions worldwide.

Partnerships along with UCL

The countries include the United Kingdom, Finland, Singapore, and others. Renowned institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad and Lucknow have also conducted training programs to empower principals and teachers.

Education Minister Atishi expressed the government’s vision for transforming MCD schools into outstanding educational institutions. She emphasised the priority placed on revolutionizing the education system in these schools. 

She highlighted the importance of allowing MCD teachers to explore global education trends and emphasized that partnerships with institutions like UCL would facilitate this goal. 

Atishi states that teachers would be equipped with the best pedagogical practices to contribute to the holistic development of students in their formative years.

During her visit to UCL, Atishi was accompanied by the Delhi Education Secretary and the Director of Education of MCD. Along with them, a senior faculty member from the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Delhi. Together, they also explored avenues for collaboration and laid the foundation for a transformative partnership.

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