Study in US: Student Visa Interviews to be Increased by 30%

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The appointments for the US Student Visa will increase by 30% by June 2023. The increase in US Student Visa applications of almost 5,00,000 are processed, for Indian Students. The visa slots will be open from June 1 till the middle of July. The US Consul General in Mumbai, Hike Hankey reported that the US is aiming for a visa hike in the summer. 


The Counselor Cheif US Consulate, John Ballard says, as the appointments will begin, more additional slots will be available. This is to provide opportunities to each student who has applied for a student visa. 

A record number of Students Visas are being issued as compared to the number before the pandemic. The US aims to interview the highest number of students between June-August 2023. Moreover, the US is expecting over a million students from India in 2023.

Study in US: Student Visa Interviews to be Increased by 30%
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Non Immigrant Visas

So, as per the Annual Reports of the Visa Office 2022, of the US Department of State, around 68,15,120 non-immigrant visas were granted, and of these 7,64,966 were Indians. Students can apply for a non-immigrant visa as well, which includes,

  • Tourism (B-2)
  • Student (F & M) 
  • Business (B-1) 
  • Work (H-18) 

The US granted a total of 4,37, 018 US-F Student Visaas with another 5,513 for vocational students on US-M visas. Moreover, with the increase in interview appointments, there will be many more Indian students visiting the US for higher education. 

Earlier, the US embassy expanded its visa waiver program to reduce the wait time for visa appointments. So, the applicants who got  ‘clearance received’ or ‘department authorization’ on their previous visa, are eligible for the interview waiver process. You can read the entire news by clicking here.

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