Study Abroad: Over 150 Indian Students Awarded Charpak Scholarships to Study in France

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The Ambassador of France to India awarded the Charpak scholarship to 150 talented Indian students to study in France.

In a prestigious ceremony held at the French Embassy in New Delhi over 150 Indian students were awarded the Charpak scholarships for the fall semester. The Ambassador of France to India, Emmanuel Lenain gave the awards.


These scholarships are a part of the Charpak Scholarship 2023 programme of excellence and the Franco-Indian Education Trust. Talented individuals from various academic disciplines received the award.

Scholars, representatives from renowned companies, and officials from Indian institutions graced the event. The academic achievements and study projects of the selected students were celebrated. 

The selection of recipients was done on the basis of their exceptional academic records. This esteemed opportunity allows them to pursue their higher education at esteemed French institutions.

Study Abroad: Over 150 Indian Students Awarded Charpak Scholarships to Study in France

Charpak Scholarship

The Charpak scholarships for the year 2023 encompass a wide range of fields including engineering, science, arts and design, social studies, business management, film, journalism, and the French language. 

These deserving students will have the chance to participate in degree programs in France. It may also include a semester-long exchange program with partner universities.

The scholarship program not only provides financial aid to Indian students as research interns, exchange students, or full-time degree students but also offers various benefits. 

The recipients will receive a monthly stipend to cover their everyday expenses and assistance with the “Etudes en France” application process.  Along with that, they will also get health insurance coverage, and affordable accommodation in France. Additionally, deserving students may receive tuition fee waivers from the institutions they will be studying at.

Ambassador Lenain highlighted the French government’s commitment to fostering exchanges between French and Indian youths. Over 500 Indian students annually get scholarships worth INR 15 crores. France also aims to create more opportunities for talented young Indians to study in France.

In addition to the Charpak scholarships, the ceremony acknowledged the winners of the “Legrand Empowering Scholarship,”. It is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative by the France-based Legrand Group. 

This scholarship provides support to students from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Moreover, it offers them the opportunity to get an internship at the company’s headquarters in France, along with full living expenses.

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