Study in USA: University of Pennsylvania Received Donation of USD 10 Million to Aid International Undergraduate Students 

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Study in USA: University of Pennsylvania Received Donation of USD 10 Million to Aid International Undergraduate Students
The University of Pennsylvania has received a donation of USD 10 million so that they can help international undergraduate students

Brett and Daniel Sundheim, two alumni of the University of Pennsylvania, have donated USD 10 million to support international undergraduate students. The university stated that this move would undoubtedly benefit international students. 

The school said in a media release on 3 May 2023, the donation would be used to create Sundheim International Scholars Fund as well as Sundheim Penn First Plus International Opportunity Fund at the School of Arts and Sciences. 

Penn President, Liz Magill, commented on the donation and stated that the primary objective of the school is to capture the attention of international students while also providing accurate resources. 

The resources provided to international undergraduate students will undoubtedly help them achieve success, despite their income. 

Magil also stated that they are grateful to Dan and Brett Sundheim for their shared commitment to boosting overall educational access as well as the impact on the newer generation of students. 

How the Donation Will Be Used?

90% of the donation will be used to develop the Sundheim International Scholars Fund and provide the benefits of the scholarships to the international undergraduate students enrolled at Arts and Sciences School. However, students need to provide their financial aid to be eligible for the scholarship. 

The remaining 10% of the scholarship will be used to create Subdheim Penn First Plus International Opportunity Fund, which will provide additional resources to international students pursuing their higher education at the college. 

Brett Sundheim also showcased his joy at providing this scholarship. He stated that together with Daniel, they would help the international students leverage the best benefits of the scholarships. 

Despite the introduction of financial aid, Daniel Sundheim stated that some specific elements of the undergraduate experience are still out of reach for some students. This is the primary reason why Sundheim P1P International Opportunity Fund was introduced in the first place. 

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