Study Abroad: Top Summer Programs Worldwide Offered to Students For Enriching Experience

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Study Abroad: Top Summer Programs Worldwide Offered to Students For Enriching Experience

Every year, during the summer holidays, parents look for ways to keep their children productive. Well, worry not as we have come up with a solution for this. Children as young as those in Class 9 can now be sent abroad for summer programs. 


However, these programs are especially famous among college students looking for an enriching short course, internship or any other engagement abroad.

Today we will talk about how you as a student can spend your summer vacations abroad fruitfully gaining the best experiences. 

How Does This Work?

If you are a student who is already pursuing a course in a college. Well, you have a chance to spend your summer vacation at a university abroad. Students will be able to earn credits by doing so. Moreover, they might also get transferred to that university. 

This also assists students in becoming familiar with the environment and community abroad, which will prove extremely useful if they subsequently intend to pursue a full-fledged degree overseas.

They also receive certificates and recognition for being a part of such programs. This enhances the student’s resume by offering them growth and also helping them develop their personality. 

Study Abroad: Top Summer Programs Worldwide Offered to Students For Enriching Experience

There are several universities across the world which offer students these summer courses for a duration of two to four weeks. These courses can also be subject-specific and offer college credits. These credits can be used when the student will enrol in another university. 

It could also be a course which will teach one soft skills such as; how to apply to a university, how to write a good SOP, how to build a strong resume etc. 

One should keep in mind, that these summer schools will help in character building, boost one’s confidence, one will get to know new cultures and so much more through them. 

Cost of These Programmes 

These programmes are generally quite affordable. Moreover, they have a provision for stay, food, classes and a certificate at the end. 

In order to be part of this, the student usually requires a short-term tourist visa which is sufficient for that much amount of time. 

There are several types of programs which have become quite popular over the years. These include; Media Studies, International Relations, Sustainable Development, AI, Business and Economics and others.

Here is the list of popular courses available all over the world:


Universities like Standford University, Columbia Summer School, Harvard Summer School and others are among those which provide summer courses to high school students.


Universities like the London School of Economics, Oxford Royale Academy and Kings College London provide several types of courses to students during their summer holidays. Programmes like Economics, Business and Management, Government and Psychology among others are the most preferred courses.


TU Berlin Summer and Winter School and the Free University of Berlin are some of the universities that offer popular summer courses to students. These programs can be for undergraduate to post-graduate students. Courses on engineering, the History of Europe, Architecture and Medicine are some of the most popular ones here.

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