Study Abroad: China Continues to Improve its Entrance and Exit Regulations

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Chinese mainland residents or foreigners can easily submit their application for a permit for Hong Kong and Macau. It is possible for any exit-entry service bureaus across the country. This was stated by the Chinese National Immigration Administration on Thursday and will be effective from May 15. 


The applicants have to use the intelligent visa equipment set at any entry-exit service bureau in the country. Through this process, the applicant can easily get the permit. Or else, residents have to wait on a window and can obtain the permit within 20 days after the approval. 

Residents have the leverage to apply for a passport, a travel permit to and from Hong Kong and Macau. This also includes visiting relatives, group tourism, and short stays. It also includes travel permits to and from Taiwan or any other purpose. 

For students studying in Macau, the entry and exit services will issue a permit. It will be valid for the same duration as their study duration. It is stated in the ‘Confirmation of Enrollment’ issued by the Macau Education authorities.

China Continues to Improve its Entrance and Exit Regulations
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Who can Apply for the Permit?

There are different criteria for every other permit. The different criteria are as follows  

  • Residents of the mainland can apply for a permit. To visit relatives who are long-term residents, are going to school, or are working in Hong Kong or Macau. Relatives include spouses, children, children’s spouses, parents-in-law, siblings, grandparents, and grandkids.
  • For short stays, residents who get the approval of the relevant departments of Hong Kong to study, work, reside or join their relatives as dependents. Students who get approval from any department to study or work or relatives of the employees are eligible for a permit. 
  • Moreover, residents having any medical treatment, litigation, property handling, academic changes, visiting ill relatives or attending funerals can apply for the permit. 

Who Can Use the Fast-Track Passages for Border Clearance?

Residents with a People’s Republic of China Passport, foreigners holding foreign passports, or people having a PR of at least 6 months are eligible to apply. Chinese crew members who are working on regular international flights, who are eligible for visa exemption or who have flight attendant visas can also apply for the fast-track border clearance permit. 

People having travel permits to and from Taiwan, mainland travel permits for Hong Kong and Macau, and travel permits for Taiwan residents (5 years validity) can have the permit.  People can also have multiple entry and exit permits for the country with a validity of one year or more.

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