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SAT Cut-Off

SAT Cut-Off: Students intending to study abroad must get good SAT scores to get admission into their preferred university abroad. That being said, decent SAT scores are required for admission into the most prominent universities and colleges abroad, especially if you plan to pursue your higher education in major countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada or Australia. 


The minimum SAT cut-off for getting admission abroad is 1200. It is the minimum score requirement that one must aim for to further their study abroad dreams. The SAT cut-off for prominent universities such as MIT, Stanford University, and Columbia University ranges from 1200 to 1350. Read the article to know more about SAT Cut-off, university-wise cut-off, SAT percentile scores, and more. 

Name of the examSAT 
Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes (without essay)3 hours 50 Minutes (with essay) 
Score Range 400-1600
Questions 154
Registration Fees $60

SAT Cut-Off 2023

The SAT cutoff can be considered as a range of SAT scores required for admission to universities abroad. The SAT cutoff varies depending on the university. To discern their target score, students must examine the cutoff scores for their selected university. The average cut-off for admission to most universities in the world in 2023 is 1200-1400. 

The SAT cut-off for the top-tier universities abroad can extend to a score range of 1500-1600. However, it should be remembered that SAT cut-offs are not the only criteria deciding your chances of admission to your preferred university. Other important considerations in your selection include your grades, extracurricular activity, essays, and personal background. 

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SAT Cutoff For Top Universities in 2023

Students must acquire SAT scores lying in the required SAT cut-off range to get admitted into their preferred universities abroad. This is why students must evaluate and cross-check the cut-off requirements for their selected institutions to set a target score. Here is a curated list of some of the best universities in the world along with their required SAT cut-off. 

Name of the University SAT Cut-Off QS World Ranking 2023
Columbia University1500-1600#22
University of Chicago1510–1560#10
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1520–1570#1
Stanford University1500–1570#3
Yale University1470–1560#18
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor1350–1530#25
Harvard University1520-1600#5
Cornell University1470–1550#20
Johns Hopkins University1490–1550#24
University of California, Berkeley1330–1530#27

SAT Cut-Off: Top Percentile Scores

Individuals aspiring to pursue their education at the most prominent universities abroad must aim for a percentile score ranging between 98 and 99. Refer to the following table to check the percentile scores and their corresponding SAT scores. 

Percentile Range SAT Score

Does the SAT Cutoff Play a Role in Test-optional?

Test-optional policies mean that you do not need to submit your SAT results to be admitted to your favourite university. As a result, the SAT cut-off score range has little bearing on admission in such instances. Students must, however, guarantee that the test-optional option is available to them. Otherwise, they must submit their SAT scores. 

What is a Good SAT Score? 

A SAT score of 1200-1600 is considered to be a good score by most prominent universities across the globe. Now, if your dream is to study at the best university abroad, then you must aim for an SAT score above 1400. The higher you set your aim, the more will be your chances of admission to top colleges and universities abroad. 

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What SAT score is required for admission to the top universities?

A SAT score of 1400 or above is required for admission to top universities such as MIT, Stanford University etc.

What is the SAT score range?

The SAT total score range lies between 400-1600.

What is the SAT cutoff for Harvard University?

The SAT cutoff for Harvard University is 1520-1600.

SAT scores are essential for admission to international universities. An SAT score of 1400 or more is deemed adequate for admission to some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

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