TOEFL Writing Topics: Consulting tutors when students are having difficulty with course content will help them to succeed academically.

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Consulting tutors when students are having difficulty with course content will help them to succeed academically.

Q- Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Consulting tutors when students are having difficulty with course content will help them to succeed academically. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

Ans: With a paradigm shift in the education sphere, institutions around the world have introduced intensive training curricula for youngsters that may appear arduous for some to comprehend on their own. There is no doubt that parents are the best teachers, but they do require some external assistance in guiding their children on the right path at times. I think that consulting tutors for students who are struggling with course content can help them succeed in their academics enormously. 


It is not always practicable for parents to monitor their children’s academic progress, and some parents may be unable to adequately lead their children. This is why, in my opinion, tutors are the finest option for providing students with sufficient knowledge of specific courses and domains. Another reason why parents nowadays need to hire tutors is because children are more receptive to someone who is an expert in their discipline and exudes confidence whilst teaching. A well-equipped and skilled instructor will always ensure that their students understand the material without difficulty. Not only that, but tutors ensure that they can provide the necessary direction to help the student stay on the right track. Having said that, tutors also ensure that the student receives adequate personalised care and attention so that he or she is able to grasp the fundamentals of the subject. Tutoring has, in most circumstances, helped students improve their topic comprehension, boost their confidence in the subject matter, and even learn new abilities. Hiring tutors is perfect for students who are unable to attend normal sessions and require additional aid or direction in their studies. Tutors even ensure that students are able to pick up and retain more knowledge than they do in their normal classes so that they can thrive, prove their mettle, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Furthermore, tutoring initiatives are now being initiated to offer children the necessary information and abilities to set them up for future success. Tutors are in charge of providing individual care and attention to kids who are unable to keep up with the fast-paced curriculum given at their schools. Tutors are responsible for understanding where the child is falling behind and assisting them in correcting such areas. According to studies, youngsters open up more in front of their tutors than in front of their school mentors. This is solely due to the fact that tutors provide personalised care to each and every student in order to help them clarify their problems, which some children are hesitant to clarify during their regular courses. After tutors have assessed a child’s specific learning style, they adapt to teaching strategies that are advantageous to the child. My own brother, for example, was falling behind in particular sections of a topic. His scholastic grades improved dramatically when we engaged a professional tutor for him. This is because the tutor was able to identify my brother’s weaknesses and steer him in the proper direction making the learning process enjoyable, and less strict than the intensive training provided to pupils in institutions. 

In essence, I am adamant that tutoring may assist children in reaching their full academic potential. It is especially suitable for students who are falling behind in their regular classes or who are struggling to keep up with their schoolwork.

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